10 Dec 2013


Braine l'Alleud is a little town melting into Waterloo's city end, that means you don't know where Waterloo ends and Braine begins.

The Sunday's market is bigger than the one in Waterloo and also has more choices and is less expensive because it is not Waterloo ! Therefore I prefer to go there when the weather allows it.

The market is located in front of the old post office and you can find almost everything there from food to clothes and household appliances.

These are different stands, with a great choice of different kind of cheese, a bakery with freshly baked bred and cakes. You can also find "Foie Gras" and other delicatessen.

Flowers and now Christmas decoration are also sold

Great choice of winter plants and Christmas trees

The city has decorated all trees with big balls which are blue when they are lightened.

The old post building hasn't changed and the post office is still in there. It had been modernized of course.

There are quiet a lot of boutiques around this place which are exceptionally open on Sundays during the market.

The city hall is a beautiful old building

and there is a kind of "Pub" too

Of course to warm you up you can eat hot snails served in a little a paper box

and the Belgian waffles are not missing either.


Loree said...

I'm not sure about snails but I would definitely like some Belgian waffles. BTW my email is stories.scribbles@gmail.com

Linens and Royals said...

I am too envious to comment. Your markets are just too good.

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas markets -- and this one is snow-free even!

Goutami News said...

Wow..cool pics..have a nice day!

A Lady's Life said...

Wow such a nice display of pictures I love the flowers and baskets!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Around here one knows were something starts and ends.

Coffee is on

Sandra Carlier said...

Love the belgian archiecture!!! It looks so cosy! Would want to taste the belgian waffles!