13 Dec 2013


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1. While on Monday we did our Aqua Gym hopping around in the warm water, the group who had their gym just before us had a Christmas party. So at 10 am they were dressed with Father Christmas hats, laughed and chatted and it became loud and louder because they had some bottles of champagne and a nice cake. And while we were suffering in the water, they jumped around the swimming pool, with their Champagne glasses, Christmas hats and barefoot of course. I should have taken a picture !

2. Although I have already bought most of the Christmas gifts, there are still some bits and pieces missing. I went to Waterloo's center for a shopping round and saw that now the Christmas decoration was done. They had started just after St. Nick's and in the Shopping Gallery it was finished.

There was a nice Christmas tree and the Boutiques had done their best for a festive look. I found what I wanted and returned home.

Just opposite the Gallery for the first time a Christmas market is built up, with these little chalets, all the other years it had been in a huge tent. It will be opened this weekend.

3. Very close to Waterloo, in the most expensive of the 19 municipalites of Brussels, where actors, singers and other celebrities have their homes, a Christmas market should take place. They had made a lot of publicity and I thought I take the bus because it's impossible to find a parking space in this area and have a look.

It was very disappointing because there were just 5 chalets selling food to eat there or take away ! Oysters with Champagne, a wine and beer chalet, African food and Hamburgers !

I walked through the very expensive Shopping Gallery and disappointed I went back.

4. In the bus on my way back a group of young 14-15 years old students climbed into the bus. As they were gesticulating with their hands I thought it must be a noisy Italian group. But they were so silent, and didn't disturb anybody. After a short moment I realized that we had stopped at the deaf and dumb school of Brussels and although the young students seemed to have a lot of fun because they laughed and laughed, pushed each other and behaved like normal students but in a total silence. It was a bit of a strange feeling for me, but they seemed to be all very happy.

5. I finally found the Christmas tree decoration I wanted to put on the tree for my little grandson Toby. Little bears, snowmen angels etc. The balls too have Disney designs.

Rosie had to check and then sat in there as model.


MaR said...

Christmas has a complete new meaning when children are around! Nice tree ornaments. I have a tiny Xmas tree only, I am happy with it. Ho, ho ho!

Linens and Royals said...

Some tinsel around your neck Rosie and you will be ready to entertain Toby at Christmas.

Andrew said...

You should have left the pool and joined the champagne set.

Champagne and oysters. What can one say but delicious.

I've seen deaf and dumb students on trams here. They are interesting to watch. There is a lot of touching to speak to someone.

Anonymous said...

Are you headed to Amsterdam for Christmas or are they coming down?

Jo said...

Is your gym group going to have a Christmas party as well? You could do it while that group is "sweating" in the pool. Sorry I've not visited much. I had a hectic trip across Tanzania sending the two foster cats to their owner in South Africa. I love Rosie amongst the Christmas Decorations! Have a great weekend. Jo

Sandra Carlier said...

Sounds you are now in christmas mood!!! I didn't find the courage to decorate my house still! My job make me so tired ! all the day I speak about christmas to my young pupils and when I come back at home I'm exhausted!!! I just need peace on the sofa and relax time on my computer!

Anonymous said...

I like the little chalets! I haven't done much shopping in town but I do like to see what they have in displays like that.

The decorations look cute - the kittie seems impressed. :-)

We used to have deaf neighbors who used to have pool parties with their deaf friends. It was unusual to hear them laughing and splashing but no talking or music. They could actually be quite loud sometimes because they had no idea what noise they were making, but it was never as bad as it would have been with booming music and loud talking. They were definitely a happy group.

Unknown said...
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Reader Wil said...

Are your children coming at Christmas?
Mine are now here and next week we fly together to Oz( Australia)

Susanne said...

It's too bad those shopping chalets in the richy district turned out to be disappointing. The idea sounded great. I'm sure your grandson, though, is going to love all those Christmas tree decorations you bought just for him.

Kathie said...

You should have sneaked a picture of those partying swimmers. That would have been hilarious.

You're ahead of me with Christmas shopping - I still have quite a few things not to mention the wrapping. Oh well!

Such fun to have your grandson for Christmas - having little ones makes it so special!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Kids are kids, no matter what! I wonder if my swim-aerobics class would like to have a champagne party.. in this heat, we would probably all get woozy and fall in the pool.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

PS: Here it is really politically incorrect to use the term "deaf and dumb"(and it should be wrong) because the word dumb is a slang term for stupid here. So it makes sense that these people wouldn't like to be referred to that way. They are hearing and speech impaired or perhaps we might say they are deaf and signers. They might be very smart!

Fun60 said...

Now the fun starts with the decorating of the tree and the Christmas parties. Went to a wonderful Christmas market in Chichester on Friday with some friends. Lots of laughter, eating and drinking.

SandyCarlson said...

What a wonderful time of year! Have fun!

Friko said...

There you are, success at the end.
Some events are just too tacky.

I haven’t been to a Christmas Market for a long time. There’s a large one in birmingham, it’s massive, but there are a lot of Asian stalls as well as German ones.

Willow said...

One would expect more at a Christmas Market in an expensive area. What a disappointment.

I think it's nice that the mall waited until St Nicholas Day to decorate. Here the Christmas decorations go up in October and I don't like that.

Ha! What a fun party that was. I was waiting to read that someone fell in the pool :)