15 Mar 2013


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1. On Monday I drove my neighbor to the otologist because she had a bad ear infection. When we came back the temperature had dropped and there was glaze on the main street, despite the heavy traffic. Fortunately we returned home without any problems. It snowed the whole night and temperature dropped from 10°C (50 F) to - 12°C (9F) ! I can't remember when we last had such temperatures and never in March that's for sure.

The result next morning was a big mess in Brussels, no buses, no subway, no trams and almost no trains !
The whole country not used to so much snow broke literaly  down ! Some people spent the whole night in their cars. Of course I couldn't go outside either impossible to get out of the garage and drive on the street.

When I opened the shutters I had this view !

3. Nicole's 83 year old neighbor had now Internet installed and was eager to get an email address and to learn a little more how it works.

Her terrace was covered in snow too and it was hard to believe that just a week before

I had sit there in short sleeves ! Charlie the dog preferred to stay inside because it was so cold. I made an email address for Simone and she was very happy and proud ! Now she said when people ask me I can give them my mail address ! Despite her old age, she learns very quickly !

4. While we were freezing, grandson Toby enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine on the Canary Islands in Spain.

My son had sent us some pictures and I think he had a lot of fun !


While we were watching the News, they were suddenly interrupted because of the election of the new pope ! It lasted for hours and the world could collapse, they still continued showing the biggest Show of the world ! We were more and more upset when we saw this fashion show and the pomp and abundance of the Vatican. This has nothing to do with faith and the bible's content anymore. It's just a shame. With all this money for only the various habits and different hats, first black, then red for more then 200 cardinals it would safe a lot of countries where people are starving, without counting the pope's with jewels decorated and handmade golden embroideries fancy hat and the ring and other jewels he is wearing ! It is a real shame and this old fashioned religion doesn't belong anymore into the 21st century ! I doubt that the new pope will allow priests to get married and that women could become cardinals too ! and probably no change either for birth control or homosexuality. Maybe the pedophiles will be punished more severely ! We watched a movie and I only learned his name the next day ! And the circus will continue ...

From one day to the other again the temperature raised and now the streets are full of dirty snow and it's rather hard to park the car. I had to go to Brussels to pick up Mr. G.'s birthday gift which I can't mention here, in case for once he reads my blog ! I left Waterloo in sunshine and arrived in Brussels with a new snowstorm, but fortunately the snow didn't last !

Honestly ! I am really fed up with this long lasting winter !!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. your snow was terrible - I saw drifts of ours as I drove over to Bexhill yesterday .. but now it's mostly gone. Strong winds - but much warmer ...

You sent some of your snow over to Eastbourne - and the counties of Kent and Sussex ... thankfully I didn't need to go out ..

Lucky Toby!!!

Cheers Hilary

Maribeth said...

First, Toby looks so grown up! He is so handsome and adorable! I wish I were playing in the sand with him!
I too, am sick of the winter cold! It is minus 9C here this morning with a hard wind. Honestly! I just want warm sunshine once again!
Today Jack and I will lunch with Mandy and Savannah. I will not see her until I am once again able to drive after the surgery.
Today is also shopping day, and then this weekend cleaning and packing days.

soulbrush said...

What a chatty post, I enjoyed reading all about it. I'd rather see hours of a new Pope being elected than a murder, or another school shooting. Love all your pictures tool. have a great weekend friend.

Brenda said...

Amazing the difference in pictures between yours and your little tike's playing on the beach!
It won't be long, Gattina, and spring will arrive.
Our's is so hit and miss, I just wish we would at least get some moisture when it turns cold, instead of just cold. Hopefully we'll get some good, refreshing spring rains this year.
(btw, your link in FFF didn't work.)

Jo said...

Brrr, just viewing your photos, makes me feel cold. When does your spring arrive? I love the photos of little Toby! We've been with and seen all our grands this holiday and it was great. Oh no I didn't realize there's a new pope and yes, it's appalling how much these ceremonies cost. Hope you warm up this weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo PS Thanks for your concern at my "blog silence" I am back and posting again.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Toby looks very happy (and why not!). Hope you get some spring weather soon. Horrid winter for you.

You are (as they say) preaching to choir here in the case of the coverage of the Vatican. Agree completely here.

Linens and Royals said...

You are brave to drive in all that snow and ice. You should have followed Toby to the sun, he is having such a good time.
Not so much Pope coverage here or perhaps I missed it. I do love Pomp and Ceremony and all the coloured robes. I think the Queen does Pomp a bit better, she has more horses to parade.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What a snowstorm! Toby certainly looks like he's having a great time.

Hope your week ahead is warmer.

claudie said...

All this snow! Incredible! And the terrace where you was sitting under the sun full of snow! Sounds we are still in january! Can't wait to know the gift you offered to M.G!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Ms. G!!! I was really happy to see that you had stopped by for a visit with me today.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, winter is just not for me either. I would be mighty happy to not have snow, period. Of course we don't here in the subtropics...today it's nearly 80 degree Fahrenheit. Nice!!!

Your grandson, Toby, is growing up so quickly.

diane b said...

Toby is a lucky little boy. We heard about your snowstorms on TV. It has stopped raining here and the sun is out and heating up too much for this time of the year. Its weather on steroids.

Gracie said...

I couldn't agree more on the Vatican and Pope stuff....and I live in Italy, this makes everything worse, trust me!