18 Mar 2013


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As Nicole and her 82 year old neighbor had some troubles with their computers, this time Mr. G. came along too, because in computer cleaning and other technical stuff I am a zero ! He connected a printer to Nicole's computer and then we went to Simone, were he started cleaning the computer, but after nearly 2 hours not even 25 % had been cleaned. I then showed her how to answer emails and meanwhile her brother with wife came along and brought a mouse ! Simone's grandpa was a very famous painter and on her walls hang a real fortune as the prices of these painting vary from 30.000 € (39000 $) to over 100 (130 $)  and more ! She has a cozy very huge apartment with full of antiques, but also loves stuffed animals which sit in a basket (above picture) ! We had a glass of wine and spent a very nice afternoon with all of them.

On Sunday morning I had my little "chat" with Toby, but he wasn't so much in a chat mood ! He has learned the word "No" by now and uses it with pleasure ! I couldn't keep his attention for long although I showed him a book with animal pictures, he preferred to walk away with his legs in two boxes ! Maybe it will be the fashion for the hopefully once upcoming spring !

After that, as it was not raining at least I went to the market in Brussels,

and had my coffee in this Café as usual, it's a real melting pot in there, locals together with all other nationalities ! People were even sitting outside in this cold weather !

I also admired the huge Moroccan cooking pots to make Couscous and the Raclette and Pierrade appliances.

On my way home I took a picture of the "Porte de Hal" a remain of Brussels' city wall. As you can see the weather was not inviting to go out for further adventures, so I stayed home the rest of the day.


diane b said...

I hope the weather cheers up soon. Toby has now entered the "Terrible Twos". Expect him to start being bossy and wanting his own way most of the time.

eastcoastlife said...

I am admiring the beautiful chest of drawers in your friend's apartment. Is it an antique piece?

Mr G is quite a handy man. :)

eastcoastlife said...

I thought it is Spring now. But when I see your photos of the white snow, I am puzzled. Still Winter in your country?

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

your Mr G is a very kind man.

Mara said...

Your weekend sounds a lot better than mine!

Loree said...

I had a very lazy weekend too. I just read and watched TV.

Linens and Royals said...

My computer could do with cleaning out too, I think it's full of cat hairs.
Wish I could wear boxes on my feet like Toby' it looks so much fun.

wilbo43 said...

Computers can be such a pain sometimes. It's nice if helpers jump in to lend a hand, especially to elderly people.

Toby is at an age when they develop a mind of their own, so it comes as no surprise that the word 'No' is widely used. It'll pass. Maybe he really sais 'Non, en français.