2 Feb 2013


When I visit blogs to read posts and make may comments, I am suddenly stopped by a hint,  I don't open the Blogger's Blog but a Google + (plus) page.

I wanted to know for what it is useful to a simple Blogger like me who writes stories of my life including neighbors and friends, and also some opinions I have. Nothing very important to make the world better.

When I have a question, I just  ask Google for this purpose it's rather good. Therefore I googled to know more about the importance and use of Google + (plus). I found nothing but articles about Google, Google videos, Analytics, Webmaster tools, Google Reader, Maps, Earth, Translate (!!) Google groups and Google jobs, but nothing about Google +, finally at the very end I found "Searches related to Google +"
and had the choice between
google plus,
google + login,
google+ sign in,
google social network

Which made me come to the conclusion that Google itself doesn't know what Google + exactly is. After all if they don't know why should I know ? I felt already less stupid. 

Just by curiosity I clicked on "Google plus" found my profile and the information "Join Google+ by creating your public profile" (how many profiles do they need ?) No explanation for why I should join the Google plusers group and what for ! I never subscribe to things I don't know without a proper explanation.  I am already very bad for Facebook to which I was forced to subscribe because I only wanted to see photos my son had taken, and nothing else. Suddenly hundreds of people I never heard of wanted to become my friends ! I am not that lonely yet that I need hundreds of virtual friends !

Google + is just a loose of time in my case, because of some Bloggers I land on their Google + page, find the corresponding blog, which often is not even mentioned and I can't even leave a message without subscribing to  Google + and become a member ! That's really forcing people ! If at least the users would put a link to their blog ! When I have not enough time, I just don't comment, I try to send an email  to those who have an email on their blogs, that I can't comment !

The one who always helps me to understand all kind of things is Wikipedia. So I asked Wikipedia about Google + and here is the beginning of a very long explanation, which unfortunately didn't help me.

Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+) is a multilingual social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. (sounds like Facebook )! It was launched on June 28, 2011. As of December 2012, it has a total of 500 million registered users  (victims of the mousetrap) of whom 235 million are active on a monthly basis. (Fortunately only monthly, some people have also to work !) Unlike other conventional social networks which are generally accessed through a single website, Google has described Google+ as a "social layer" (what is a social layer ? I only know liars) consisting of not just a single site, but rather an overarching (goodness me !) "layer" which covers many of its online properties. You can read more here. 

I gave up,  it just sounds like a Facebook imitation !

Conclusion : I will never (although you should never say never) join the Google + "social layer" they have to try to keep on without me, and remain faithful to my Blogs only.


peppylady (Dora) said...

I think everyone want to get on the social net working “thingy jig” now..It the rage.
I have facebook and twitter. account
Yet don't have a google + account. I just don't see my self having an google + account. My complaint is...”I'm limited to what I can do with our computer at home...we still have dial up out here...faster internet just arrived a short time ago...Still not interested in google +
Tell you two things everytime I want to go to a blog and have to go to google + it super slow getting to the blog.
Anyhow I rather blog...Coffee is on.

Linens and Royals said...

500million users of google+!!!
Stop right there...I have never heard of google+ and the thought of 500million people knowing about me-well I think I will go to bed with my cats and pull the covers over my head. Or do they already know about me? Must go and answer the doorbell, there are 500million people at the door all claiming to be my friend?????

jabblog said...

I don't understand Google+ either or the 'circles'. Commenting used to be simple - now, as you say, so often you're 'invited' to join Google+ and create your own circle. Why tinker with something that works perfectly adequately?

jabblog said...

I don't understand Google+ either or the 'circles'. Commenting used to be simple - now, as you say, so often you're 'invited' to join Google+ and create your own circle. Why tinker with something that works perfectly adequately?

Mara said...

I have no idea what you just wrote about. I am not even trying to understand it either. Way too difficult!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I agree.
Too much is too much.
I do my normal blog and I get my pics over the email I then put into picassa and I enjoy them there.
Why do I need to facebook or another google?? Now You tube wants to charge to look at its movies. I think its all about business and advertising but for normal people, we don;t need it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. well asked! I am not sure about G+ .. I think I joined - but that was all ..

What I don't like is being sent to someone's Google plus account with no reference to their blog (where I'd come from and wanted to post on) ..

I do get frustrated - and I hope I'll get to grips with some of this social media soon ... not having kids I don't really need FB .. but I'll get on the band wagon this year ..

Cheers - it's cold here and more on its way by the sound of it .. Hilary

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sandy, I have a whole different blog host (Typepad). I had to set up a Google account (with a dummy blog) a few years ago because some Google blogs that I like to visit don't have a place in the comment form for Name/URL like yours does. On those blogs, without the Google link I can't leave a comment. Hope they don't make me join Google Plus, cause I won't do it. One dummy account is enough ;>)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Gattina, I think I called you by the wrong name, don't know who or what I was thinking of. (getting old <<< Hope you can fix it if you publish my comment.

Gattina said...

Don't worry, I hadn't even realized, lol, getting old too !

diane b said...

I too couldn't work out G+but somehow I ended up with an account/profile. It kept asking me to link my blog but I hesitated and I'm glad I did. I too figured out that it looks like a type of Facebook site but it does show your latest blog if you want. But I wondered if people would find it easy to comment. You have confirmed my opinion. I keep getting a window popping up asking me to link up. One blogger who uses it is "Bush Bernie's Blog" and i don't have trouble accessing her blog.
If click "design" then "Overview" in the drop down menu it has a Blogger Guide in the side bar. If you click on "Share your blog to google+" it tells you more about it there. I agree it just seems to complicate things but it is supposed to give you more exposure!!!!

SandyCarlson said...

Funny, Gattina! I hear you. I have a Google+ account that I tend to use to plus articles and videos and things that I like. But I am horrible at using it socially. I'm favorable to blogging, too. There's is more effort and more genuine interaction there.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you Gattina for your kind comment! Ha, ha ... Queen Juliana in boots without a crown!, she must have lost it in the mud! She wore a headscarf though!
Have a nice Googleday!

claudie said...

Loosing time on the net isn't a good way to plan you're own time! The virtual must keep the limited place cause the real life is more important! I didn't give some news this weeck cause I was so tired with all the pupils who came back at school but always ill!!! So my body resist! Yesteday I went for the second time in a country party with my friends!! It was very nice!

GLOGIRLY said...

Those are hilarious cartoons!!!
I'm more than a little scared about Glogirly.
; ) Katie the Cat

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gattina,
I agree with you my friend, I have the same feeling.And nowadays I'm very scared about advertisements.For instance another day I was searching for hairdryers and prices at amazon.de and then I see in EVERYWHERE advertisements of hairdryers!They are inside the facebook of Luna, inside my personal email, inside the blogroll of some blogs that I visit...scaring! :D
Well, I just gave up to buy a new hairdryer now.I think we don't have more private life...THEY know everything! LOL
*** I love your cartoons!

Lovable Derek said...

Very amusing and witty post, and I couldn't agree more.
I ditched my Google+ account after only a few hours of confusion. I just couldn't see the point of it. I want to blog, that's all.