4 Feb 2013


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It was a rather quiet weekend, besides the strange weather ! On Saturday I went out for a little shopping tour in the new shop which sells stocks from brand marks of all kind from household cleaning stuff to toys. The sun was shining the sky blue, wonderful I thought. When I came out of the first shop, it hailed terribly and the sky was dark and grey I just could cross the street and jump into my car, before I got holes in my head. On the way to the second shop, it started to rain ! I hurried to get into the shop without becoming wet like a sponge, made my tour came out and the sun was there together with a blue sky ! On my way home, it started to snow ! When I arrived the street was slightly white ! In not even 2 hours I had the whole scale of weather possibilities, a dream for all weathermen in the world, they couldn't get wrong !

My friend Ilona gave me this picture which was published in a local News Paper. 5 generation of girls under one roof ! The great great grandma holding the baby girl, Great grandma Ilona to her left, Grandma Marlen in the back to the right and the proud mom to the right ! That's very seldom nowadays !

I also had my little chat with Toby, this time he was very busy with a firemen truck and showed it to me ! For a deeper conversation he was far too busy.

On Sunday morning I went with Nicole to the Midi Market in Brussels to meet my cigarette "dealer" ! Don't worry I am not the only  "lady" or "gentlemen", he has a good clientele  from all social classes ! It had been a long time I hadn't been there, because I had brought cigarettes from Egypt. I found him immediately and we sat down together on a terrace of a closed hotel and we agreed to meet again in 3 weeks. He is a very  kind young man. That happens when cigarettes become too expensive. People don't stop smoking they try to get them cheaper ! Of course the police knows it, but they probably close their eyes, maybe they are also customers, who knows.

Then we were looking for cardigans and pullovers and both found some very nice underwear to the ridiculous price of 3 € ! We also bought fruits and Nicole some vegetables before we took the bus back home.

In the afternoon I was busy to look for hotels in London, because I will book the tour through the UK today to celebrate Ilona and my 70th birthday.

We choose end of May. As the tour starts very early morning, we have to arrive the day before and take a hotel. That's nice so we can spend a whole day in London before starting the tour.

This kept me busy because I wanted to check what was on the travel "menu".

Evening supper looked as always ...

Mr. G with his two fur terrorists, sharing chicken ! He suffered very much as you can see !


Cezar and Léia said...

I think last Saturday weather here was the same.I just go out only to buy food at the supermarket and then I came home due the cold wind.
Yesterday we went to Maastricht. Besides the bad weather lots of people were enjoying the open shopping day at the city center ( Most stores were open ).
*** I bought a bottle of perfume for me! :)
Toby is so cute!Skype is great, isn't it?
hugs and a nice week!

Maribeth said...

Oh, I hate spammers! (see above)
I hope to see Mandy & Savannah this coming Friday. Mine is up!

eastcoastlife said...

Whoa, you are planning a nice trip for your 70th birthday! That's a lovely present for yourself.

I envy the 5-generation family. They are a rare find.

Cigarettes in Singapore are expensive too. But the penalty for the illegal cigarette sellers when caught is not worth the risk.

Mara said...

It seems the weather where you are is not so different from the weather over here: we had rain, snow and sleet today. Together with a lot of wind. Sometimes it was dry, but the sun had too hard a time to come out and decided to take a vacation today!

Loree said...

That tour of the UK looks amazing. I would love to do it too one day. Your weather is totally crazy, but at least you had variety.

Linens and Royals said...

Your tour looks perfect, you are going to all the best places. A great way to celebrate a special birthday.
My great grandfather came from near Inverness, it is Clan Fraser country.
Poor Mr G, I hope he got enough to eat.

Gracie said...

Ohhh...England...I'm very envious right now!