1 Oct 2012


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On Saturday morning, my son called via Skype and I could "talk" to Toby. Now that he starts to speak, he will be 2 years in November, it's easier to communicate with him and it's so much fun too !

I showed him some toys and then a book where he pointed on the pages to tell me what it was. Daddy had to translate the baby language ! Then Toby had enough talking with grandma, waved good bye and watched a little movie. Isn't Skype a great invention when you have family living far ?

In the afternoon I went together with a friend to the Waterloo Artists exhibition, which was spreaded all over Waterloo, in private houses, or flats, the exhibition center was closed !

It wasn't well organized at all, because you had to drive to different areas to find the streets, and rang the doorbells. I almost felt like a Jehova witness !

our first stop was near the station, we knew the young woman who plays the guitarre, she is a portrait teacher. There were little sculptures exposed and she and her friend made some gypsy music, which was very nice.

Next stop was the library where one of our classmates exposed, he has a rather strange way of painting.

Then we drove to the other side of Waterloo, to see the exposition of another classmate

and the last one we visited was also from our painting group and her house again on another end of Waterloo. There I fortunately met the guy who had organized this,  the responsible for culture and art and told him that he had forgotten to inform the one and only official painting class of Waterloo city. And not only that, but that it is impossible to see all the exhibitors without a car and not everybody has one etc.etc. The guy didn't know what to answer and stammered some nonsens and then he escaped. Of course he wasn't used that somebody talked to him this way, he the important personality, and assistant to the mayor. For me he could have been the King in person, he had done a bad job and I felt much better !

On Sunday the weather was so nice, that I went photo hunting in another park of Brussels. It is an old monastery called "Rouge Cloître" which means Red cloister, hidden in one of the many forests in and around Brussels.

Today there is a permanent painting and sculpture exposition inside, and some workshops, and also a restaurant. The last time I had been there was when our son was a toddler so it must be at least 35 years ago. Of course I didn't recognize anything !

 The park around the monastry is very beautiful and there were many people walking around the lake.

When I came back our "adoptive son" was there discussing with Mr. G.,  just like last Sunday and still with heart problems, I mean  sentimental and not medical once. We both tried to cheer him up and gave him some good advices, with the hope that this time he will listen to us ! 


  1. The Waterloo Artists Exhibition sounds fun and interesting. I would love to see the art works in the artists' homes but transport would be a problem for those who don't drive and it would probably cost a lot if one were to take a cab.

    Some of the houses in your photos are so pretty.

    It's much more fun when babies start talking. I missed my son's toddler years.haha...

    You had an interesting, fun-filled weekend. Glad you are a good listener and a healer of hearts. :D

  2. What a wonderful sunny day there, and you got beautiful pictures of the exhibition!
    Toby is adorable! I also use webcam to be in touch with my family in Brazil, it's great! :)
    Hugs and a nice week!

  3. Were any of the paintings yours? I thought I saw a Rosie look alike in one. Interesting to go to people's homes to see their paintings. I would be looking at their houses as well.
    Skype sounds wonderful for keeping in touch with family. I've never used it. Do you have to tidy the room and comb your hair before you go to the computer?

  4. You always find something interesting to do on weekends. Skype is great for overseas family.

  5. I thought perhaps I was in Brussels, as all it did was rain with dark skies all weekend! (lol!) But it looks like you had the good weather and we had the cold rain! Still we did a lot and even stood outside in the rain with umbrellas to go to a chowder festival. Wet, yes. But also fun!

  6. I also would have liked the exhibition to be more collected. It's nice to go from house to house if all the artists lived close together on one street.
    But it sure is interesting. I hope some things were sold.

  7. Wonderful images, wonderful optimistic views. I am greeting

  8. Nice you could explain the different problems you found on your way during the exhibition! Next time the man will have to make better! Tobby is fast already 2 years old!!! As the time goes quickly!!! Now of course you can have a nice communication and it will be always better with the time! Mélissa a été opérée de ses dents de sagesse aujourd'hui! Elle n'a pas trop gonflé au niveau du visage! Demain elle souhaite repartir à Aix pour reprendre ses cours!!! Une vraie bosseuse cette Méli!

  9. The art exhibition sounds interesting even if it was not very well organised. I am sure you enjoy chatting with Toby. We use Skype with my mother in law in the US. It's great. And free :)

  10. OMG Gattina - You don't know how to read a map? Well this is a good blog for you to do to learn how.(You have a grand son to teach now.lol)
    I learn things every day and try to put what I learn into my blogs. Sometimes what I learn is very over whelming and depressing and you wish things would not be that way.
    I remember my son came home and had to learn about the ear.
    It was hard to remember until I told him how to do it and he was the only kid in class who got it right. The other kids suffered to learn and he just smiled and felt good about himself.


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