30 Sept 2012


Sometimes before I fall asleep I think of things and I really don't know why. This time I wondered why a laptop is called laptop and not kneetop or legtop or bellytop and who gave this name ? The next morning I wanted to find out ! No way ! I googled, I wikipediaed they all explained how a laptop works, its size, and that it is portable. All things I knew too.

In a dictionary I found following explanation :

a portable, usually battery-powered microcomputer small enough to rest on the user's lap.

While in Wikipedia and everywhere else  the definition is :

A laptop computer is a portable personal computer light and small enough to sit on a person's lap. The main utility of a laptop computer is that it allows a person to travel with their computing resource.

At least now I know the difference ! In a dictionary a laptop rests in other definitions it sits !


diane b said...

Very good!

Jo said...

Excellent post! If you consider how many men own laptops yet a man cannot rest anything on his lap (take a look next time you're at a picnic and see how the men struggle to balance their plate of salads on their knees/legs!) Food for thought indeed! Big hugs Jo

Cezar and Léia said...

The 2nd and 3rd cartoon are too funny! I hope I won't ever come to the point of not being able to fit the laptop on my lap...
God bless you!

Linens and Royals said...

Next time Charlotte or Emily is on my lap I will ask if they are sitting or resting? Will let you know the answer if I get one.
Love the caroons.

A Lady's Life said...

lap top and lap dog lol What's the difference.
It fits everywhere lol
If not on top of the lap, on top of the stomach. Even better lol