29 Sept 2012


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On a Belgian webside, children were asked to send in what silly things they had done last week. I translated a few of them  for you :

-  I put a screwdriver in the plug of our living room and blow all fuses of the building

- We gathered dog poops and put them at a neighbor's front door because she was a witch and waited that she steps in

-  I put glue on the chair of my teacher

-  I carried a hot pot of spaghettis and dropped it on my grandma's feet ! She screamed because her left food was burnt

- I invited a friend and we painted my room, I don't understand why my parents went beserk

-  I put a little firework in our open fireplace for New Years eve and it exploded when Dad lighted the wood. Why wasn't he happy ?

- I dropped a jerrycan of oil in the garage and Dad slipped out and felt on his bottom

-  I laughed loud in religion, because my neighbor had photos of naked women

-  We put stones on the rail and waited for the train to derail

- I put the fish bowl on the stove because the water was so cold, I don't know what happened, but all 3 of them died.

-  I tried to ride the car of my dad and suddenly it went off through our closed garage door

- We put the skeleton in our English teachers cabinet in class. She got hysterical when it fell on her when she opened the door.

- When we were at the beach I shot on women with my waterpistol, it was so funny when they turned around and I could see their boobs.


A Lady's Life said...

Oh poor fishies . I can see them doing this lol

Unknown said...

Hhahahahahahahahahha....these are so funny....and so innocent they are too. Great jokes , Gattina!!! Thank you so much for co hosting with me...YOU ROCK THE FUNNIES!!!! Have you a blessed weekend!!

Mara said...

Oh, those poor fish! And I love the one about painting the room. I wonder what colour it was and how well it was done!