28 Sept 2012


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1. I was  feeling a little tired this week because I still have to take the syrupe against caughing that makes me sleepy especially when I watch something interesting on TV ! But I went to acqua gym and after our tea "ceremony", I had a Gyros with chips and salad in our little Greek restaurant "El Greco".

2. Before going to Yoga classes, Dominique and I met Nicole at the travel agency and we booked our 12 days holidays at the Red Sea for end November. Despite the political situation in Egypt, the week we wanted to go was already fully booked. And we are still in September !  I is true at the Red Sea there are no troubles at all.

3. The house of our 93 year old neighbor who died in June is sold since at least a months and is still empty. The new owners haven't moved in yet. The result was,  that the house was burgled and inside damaged as there was nothing to steal. We never had burglers in our street but in the last 4 years two of my neighbor's houses were burgled. They are mostly interested in computer stuff and televisions.

4. Together with the girls of my painting group we went to our friend Geneviève's funerals. She wanted to be cremated and no religious service. We drove to the new built Crematorium in Cours St. Etienne which is about 20 km from Brussels/Waterloo in the middle of a beautiful countryside.


It sits on a hill and from there you have a nice view on the little town. I have to say it has been built with a lot of taste, very modern, but still warm with very colorful paintings on the creme painted walls.


Everything was done to cheer up people, if it would be possible in their grief. There were lots of people gathered in a creme colored room with banks looking like steps around the white coffin standing on a kind of block in the middle. After the funerals we went back and had a coffee at a friend's house. We didn't want to stay for a buffet which Geneviève's husband had organized for after the ceremony. We didn't want to disturb the family.

5. For the first time I did a map updating on my Garmin GPS. It was quiet easy although it lasted a long time to get all the new maps from the computer on the GPS. Now I have the latest version with all the new roundabouts ! They are growing everywhere like weeds !


Linens and Royals said...

Sad going to any funeral, I don't even want to go to my own. Now you have your Egyptian holiday to get excited about, it will cure your cough.
My neighbour had a very heavy concrete bird bath stolen from her garden. I will look for it at the markets.

Barbara H. said...

I have never been to the Red Sea. I look forward to hearing about it!

I'm sorry about the burglary. I hope that kind of thing doesn't spread.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

I need to update my GPS, too. I haven't done that since I got it a couple of years ago.

A Lady's Life said...

The very thought of cremation gives me the shudders.
I rather be buried nice and tight and insulated.I know some people were and one day they had to open the coffin after 20 years and the person was good as new inside.

Loree said...

No GPS needed here :) Well, I take that back. Some people need one even here.

Susanne said...

We did an update on our GPS and it crashed the thing! Good thing hubby is good with stuff like that but it took even him a few hours of frustration to figure it out. Glad that didn't happen to you!

I'm glad to hear that your home wasn't burglarized. That is scary.

Sorry about your friend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. How great that you got your maps all updated.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

LindyLouMac said...

You have had a very mixed week, sorry about the sad things and hope your cough gets better quickly.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Busy and active week for you (as usual)...joy and sadness -- good friends. A good week all in all.