5 Oct 2012


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1. For the moment after Acqua Gym, Dominique and I have lunch together in a restaurant of our choice. This time we went (as so often) to the "Jardin d'Asie" (the Asian garden).

the decoration is beautiful and the food /price very good. Only 8.50 € (11 $)for a lunch and a whole "all you can eat" buffet on Mondays for 13.50 €  (17 $)! 1 Drink (wine or beer) included.

2. While I was pulling out weeds in the front of our house and salted the gravel, to avoid that the weeds grow back,

Dominique had her garden shed installed and under the watchful eye of cat Arthur (the white spot) painted the first lay.

3. Nicole and I wanted to take the train to Liège as we only pay 5 € return trip because we are retired. So it is not worthwhile to take the car. Of course we had chosen the one and only day where the Belgian train company (SNCB) was on general strike. No train was running not even the international once. The stations were all empty. So we have to go another day.

empty stations

even the killers couldn't achieve their work, according to the most famous Belgian cartoonist !

4. I have started a new painting, half woman and half cat face. You can't see very much yet, it's only the
the first lay.

Our painting group at work and in the background the very important coffee break is prepared !

one of my classmates gave me these two cactus, it came on purpose, because I just had lost one plant, after only 30 years !

5. On my way back from Yoga, I stopped  in a shop to buy a new suit. I have lost so much weight, that now I am "swimming" in my trousers. I badly needed something comfortable for the yoga classes.

This one is in velvet and it is very soft. Now at least I don't have to pay attention anymore not to loose my trousers !

For the moment we also have an election campaign going on for the Waterloo municipality. So everywhere you go you see a smiling face !

When I arrived home, to my big surprise this guy was sitting in our living room  chatting with Mr. G. they know each other since a long time and he is the responsible for all social things. He takes care of the sick and poor, the seniors and those who have no work. I was very pleased to see him, so I could tell him what I thought of his "collegue" the one who is responsible for culture and art and who had organized the Waterloo painting exhibition, which was so very badly done (see my Monday post). He promised me to inform the mayor, and my painting class was very satisfied when I told them. They know that I am quiet good in complaining ! So hopefully next year it will be better, and Mr. Verdin certainly got some more electors !


ZielonaMila said...

Nice photographs, fantastically is to admire such photographic stories. I am greeting

Annette Whipple said...

A plant lasting for 30 years!! Amazing, though I am sure you miss caring for it. Congratulations on your weight loss! New exercise clothes sounds like a great boost!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are such a busy active lady -- reading your posts energizes me. Good for you knowing how to complain! It's a great skill to have. Cheers! (I don't even keep house plants any more -- I'm lucky if I can keep them alive for 30 days, never mind 30 years!)

A Lady's Life said...

Good for you Gattina.
If you sit quiet, no one knows. You have to give it to them!! lol
I too have become quite vocal.
Why not? Every one else is talking lol
I am glad to hear you lost weight. Wish I could but it's not working for me.
But then I should go out and do more outside like you do.
All my interests are indoor.

Susanne said...

Darn those trains wrecking your nice plans. Hope you got to go another day!

Congrat on your weight loss! You are a very active lady with everything you do and we sure don't want you losing your pants! :v) The new suit is a lovely color and looks very comfortable!