1 Aug 2012


My mobile phone was ringing at 6.15 am and woke me up ! I thought something bad had happened at home, otherwise who would call me that early ?  I looked at the number and it was Anne's who slept peacefully next door ! A missed call ! She never called me.

The house is bewitched !  Yesterday night when she took the remote control of her armchair to move it more down, an awful noise like a rusty machine turning started. We both got a shock. She dropped the remote control in her lap and the noise stopped. She tried again, the noise started and then suddenly nothing anymore.

We checked the chair nothing. But the room started to smell very badly in short it stank burnt plastic and a little cloud came out behind the dining table ! Quiet far away from the armchair ! I looked, there was a shredder standing there which smoked and distributed that awful smell ! Now can anybody tell me why switching on a light the shredder burnt and the armchair made this terrible noise ?

The morning was cool and rainy but we had a lunch appointment with Anne's friends in a Pub in Eastbourne. Her friend Yvonne wanted to drive but told us that she had only two doors at her replacement car and it would be a little difficult to get into the back. As the third friend Carol and I are rather slim we said that there would be no problem for us ! So we tried to push the front seats forwards to get into the back, but it didn't work. The four of us tried and tried without success. Suddenly Carol after 10 min found a hole near the roof and there was a well hidden handle inside ! She screamed "hurrah, I found a third door ! " and then I found the fourth door on my side too. We laughed our heads off that everybody was convinced that we had a car with only two doors !

and honestly it really looked like it !

Finally we arrived in this nice Pub, had a wonderful meal and a lot of fun. The waiter hearing us laughing  proposed himself to take a picture !

We stayed quiet long and then returned home, as it started to rain again.


  1. See how funny things become?
    Nice to have something to laugh at but that was scary about the smoke. Sounds like an electrical wire problem.
    The place where you ate looks like a nice place Hope the food was good.

  2. Yesterday afternoon, I heard a terrible noise from our bedroom. I ran in and the air conditioner was making a hideous noise! I switched it off and waited for Hubby to come home. What could it be? Some water had gotten in and made the fan very noisy. By bedtime all was well.

  3. I once had a lamp that turned itself on everytime the phone rang. I've been wary of remote controls ever since. And now hidden car doors?? At least you could laugh away these annoying problems over lunch.

  4. Yikes, you're staying in a haunted house ;>

  5. Hi Pauline .. strange incidents to say the least - cheers Hilary


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