3 Aug 2012


The day started with a heavy shower, buckets of water dropping on the roof ! Neighbor Yvonne popped in for a cup of tea and announced proudly that she had lost 4 pounds. I asked "where ?" and she pointed on her voluminous bosom. I said "you keep your money there ? it must have fallen out !" when she burst into laughter because she was talking about lbs and I about £ !

Fortunately it cleared up and we drove outside Eastbourne to have lunch in a very nice "Cavery"

It looked very cosy and the food was very good

On the way back we saw a van selling ice cream, stopped and bought a cone for each and sat on a bench at the beach. It was so beautiful ! Yesterday I had taken a picture of the same rock but the landscape was all grey !

My friend stopped on the top of a hill with this stunning view on Eastbourne.

They went shopping and left me at the seafront, I wanted to sit down a little at the beach because it was so warm and sunny for once.

The afternoon band was playing and lots of people listened even laying on the beach. I had a cup of tea and took a little sunbath, before I took the bus home.

and in the evening we watched this enormous moon !


  1. What a beautiful beach! Sounds you had great time under the sun! We could see the moon here too! It looks very nice in the night! We had great tme yesterday with Belgian people who rent by my sister! They live in the Ardennes! Toorow the big day! Pirjo and Bo arrive in Provence!

  2. LOL at the pounds.

    Were we looking at the same moon? Yeah, probably at different timezones. :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day. It has been too hot here, and yesterday we had to take our bedroom air conditioner apart and clean and fix it. It was worth it in the end, as we both slept better last night.

  4. Wow just look at those blue skies and people sunbathing on the beach. I love the story about the pounds! Enjoy your day further. Hugs Jo

  5. Wonderful post ~ great humor ~ excellent photography ~ to think we are viewing the same moon ~ small world ~ enjoy the weekend ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  6. It was very hot here yesterday. We spent it at Chapters reading over a nice chocolate latte. Boy are these coffees good but fattening lol
    Many people had the same idea we had. What better way to spend a day in a book store with books. and every time we have a canadian win a medal they give you extra points towards a book. 2000 points gives you 5 dollars.

    My breasts must be very rich in your world too lol

  7. Hi Pauline - fun and again love the photos .. cheers Hilary


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