4 Aug 2012


I think I should write a book titled "How to stay dry during showers", because I become a specialist in this matter !

When I left the house around 11 am the sky was grey but it was dry. I climbed in the bus and it started to pour ! Cats and dogs were falling from heaven. When I arrived at destination, the rain had stopped.

Before I walked to the seafront, I went into my private toilet (restroom, bathroom, loo, as you wish) which is located in this nice department store shown in the picture above.left. Of course I had no intention to buy anything there, but when I wanted to go out it poured again. So I stayed inside and walked around and of course bought some little things. Then the rain had stopped and I took a picture of the street because I love the architecture of the houses. I walked to the seafront and had traditional "Fish & Chips" in a Restaurant with view on the sea. While I enjoyed my meal it rained. When I had finished it stopped raining and  the sun even came out.

I started my striptease but stopped in time (it still was rather cool) , took  off my coat and cardigan, put some suncream on and watched the people on the beach. The little girl and her brother had a nice swimming suit, which looked like a diver's costume, protecting them from the sun, wind and cold. I thought that it would be a nice bathing suit to buy for my little grandson.

The sea was quiet agitated and the waves high, but it was beautiful to watch and listen.

The seagulls gathered for a meeting and chatted like a group of desperate housewives. A kind of cabbage grew in the middle of the pebbles, quiet funny to see.

I made a long walk along the sea enjoyed the flowers on one side and the water on the other.

Then I had a cup of tea before I went back to my bus stop.The bus arrived .... and it started to rain again ! I got out and it stopped. When I arrived home the sun was shining and all in all I had a very nice day !


  1. The sight of your chips made me hungry they look so good. You must have magic powers to be able to turn the rain on and off like that.
    Yes you must buy Toby one of the little cover all swimsuits as his skin looks very fair. I have become a bit of a fanatic about sun damage. Not sure I would spend too much time on a beach made of pebbles though.

  2. Lovely to see empty beaches:-) The sun was watching you and decided to come out to please you, I think.

  3. I can almost taste the fish and chips! Yum!

  4. Aw, at least you had sun in between. You do tell a wonderful story. That newspaper cone of Fish and Chips looks good even to a vegetarian! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  5. You seem to have had a wonderful time even if the nice rain tried to make you grow a little lol
    That Mother was smart to get her child a bathing suit to keep warmth as well as not to burn the skin. With todays' weather one never knows what to expect

  6. In spite of the rain, it looks like you are getting to enjoy quite a bit on your vacation. I love European architure and I would be snapping away pictures constantly!

    Those swim suits are awesome for kids.

  7. You are lucky! Always protected when it rains The beach and landscape look very nice! Enjoy your time!

  8. Hi Gattina .. it has been fairly wet down here! Glad you worked your way in and around the showers and enjoyed your fish and chips - looks good.

    Cheers Hilary


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