26 May 2012


In my painting group we discuss about a lot of things. This time it concerned a "young" girl of 80, who is in very good shape, but now she has troubles with her teeth. The dentist told her she needs a denture ! Big drama, because she thought that she had to take it out during the night and put it in a glass like her mother had done. We reassured her that today nobody does this anymore and she could keep her false teeth and only take them out for cleaning.

This reminded me the false teeth of my grandpa. Each time he made a little nap in his armchair after lunch, he took his teeth out and put them besides him on a little table. Of course as a little girl I found it wonderful that he could take his teeth out and I not. I thought it would be perfect to catch flies with a denture  and  the false teeth could eat them. One day a little friend came over and we both looked at the false teeth laying there.

First we hesitated a little being afraid that grandpa would wake up, but as he snored like a chainsaw, we thought there was no danger. So I took one part and my friend the other and then we looked for flies to catch. Indeed we had a lot of fun, unfortunately the flies were too quick, but still we could clap the two parts together which made a nice noise.

Unfortunately my grandma came into the room and saw us playing with the false teeth. Of course she had to be angry, took the denture from us, chased us outside and probably washed it before putting it back. Later she told me that she had laughed for hours about my creativity to catch flies with a denture ! I don't know if my grandpa ever knew about that.

Apparently that wasn't the only funny event she had with me when I was a little girl.


A Lady's Life said...

lol and don't forget about sharing teeth when you are in a restaurant. lol
So much fun with these teeth lol

EastCoastLife said...

I hope I do not need dentures when I am older. I am taking good care of my teeth, they are still in one full set. :P

Cezar and Léia said...

The "cat got your teeth" was to die for...
I can easily imagine little Gattina running around the house with grandpa's false teeth and grandma having a hard time to pretend she was angry instead of bursting out laughing...
Oh gosh!
God bless you!

Jo said...

What a lovely story of you and your little friend snapping at flies with grandpa's false teeth. I love the funnies too. Hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

You had a lot of spirit even when you were a little girl! My sister-in-law wears dentures and when she had to have surgery they told her she had to take them out and she said then I won't have the surgery! (But she finally did.)

Ann said...

the two parts join together?

you are as naughty as me when i was young.