22 May 2012

OUR WORLD - Kid's Factory

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Part of our world are also places reserved for children only. When I was a little girl, I had the chance to live with my grandparents on the countryside and played in the garden, on fields or with the farmer's children and animals and not in ruins like the city children in Germany in 1945. We built hey houses and invented toys with twigs and paper and grandpa made other toys out of wood.

It was almost the same when our son was a little boy, he could also play in the fields, on the street and in the garden. There were already lots of toys on the market mostly in plastic because this was very in fashion in the 70th. Wooden toys were not appreciated and considered as old fashioned. Today wooden toys are "in" again.

Today to amuse the little once you can take them to the "Kid's factory" where they can play without any danger while mum or dad or another family member can read a book or even work on their laptops because "Kid's factory" also has Wifi. The only hic is that it's once again for privileged children. While on one side of the world children have no toys or have to play in trash mountains, or ruins, the children of the western world when the parents dispose of enough money are lucky to go here :

Entrance fee for one child is 8 € (10 $) for an unlimited time. Of course if you have 5 children to take there it becomes quiet expensive.

But you get quiet a lot for your money and especially, you can stay there in peace, no way that your precious child could be hurt, unless there is a fight between them.

an overlook

Instead of going to the "Hard Rock café" you go to the "Hard Kid's café"

We were there when they had just opened at 10 am so the café was not yet ready.

I don't know what this was exactly,

it looked like a castle or maybe a ship

For those who want to climb up soft tree trunks and once on top sliding down

or for the elder once this "Air Boy"

The place reserved to the 1 - 2 years old was tested by grandson Toby

who appreciated it very much

 things to climb, to turn around laying in a colorful ball mountain and also punching balls for very agitated o aggressive children, nothing was missing.

hard exercise for an 18 months old !

a jumping castle

and last but not least a very tired car !

This "Kid factory" is in Waterloo, where I live and the good thing is that as Waterloo has a lot of English, American, Scandinavian and French families living here, the playground becomes quiet international, language difficulties don't exist amongs children.


LadyFi said...

My kids used to love these places! (They still do..) But you're right - it's so sad that it's only for the privileged.

Cezar and Léia said...

So nice to see the adorable Toby enjoying this place, your pictures are great!A paradise for kids!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Toby looks like he had a wonderful time. What colourful shots you took of the Kids' Factory. Times sure have changed, but at least I am happy that wooden toys are "in" again :)

Kim, USA said...

Even I like to play here. Thanks for sharing!

Kim, MI

Inviting you to join Water World Wednesday

kids toys said...

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eileeninmd said...

I am sure the children love to play in this place. I guess it is important to keep the children safe. But, it is sad they are no longer safe playing outside your own home nowadays.

Linens and Royals said...

What a great place for Toby, right in Waterloo. What a perfect place to live, Waterloo seems to have everything. Well maybe not the weather, I have that.

Ann said...

your header photo shows a very happy grandma. How often do you get to go out with him?

Gary said...

Wow what a place!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Karen said...

A great place for the kids, but I bet the noise level is high!

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Looks like a very fun play house indeed, I wouldn't have mind had some fun in there while I was a kid! Or even as a grownup.... hi hi...

Yep, that's so wonderful with kid, no languages needed - I wish we could take after them!

(Sorry for not being here (or anywhere)for a while, too busy travel planning and cruising!!!!)

Maribeth said...

Here in the USA we have Chuck-E-Cheeses. They sell pizza and soda and have many things like this for the kids to play with. Oh, it gets so loud and crazy!

A Lady's Life said...

My kids also loved these places and now Grammas can't wait to play too lol

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

Those are such neat places. We took our great-grandsons to one here when they visited -- we all had fun.

Fun60 said...

I too remember taking my children to fun places like this. Good to know they are still as popular today. Enjoy London.