25 May 2012


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1. We had a terrible thunderstorm which left lots of people around Waterloo and other areas in Belgium without electricity, TV and Internet, but the worst were the streets and basements which were inundated and full of mud once the water went back. Luckily in our area we only had the terrible sound of the thunder and lightning it poured of course, but didn't cause any damages. Two of my acqua gym friends couldn't come and had to stay home while their basement was pumped out.

2. The joints between the tiles of our patio were nearly all broken, and needed to be repaired. This started on Tuesday and two men were cutting off the old cement which caused such a lot of dust it was terrible. The grass, flowers and windows were grey. On top of that I had this awful noise the whole day. It was as cosy as sitting on a dentist chair !

3. If somebody saw me yesterday in the yard he must have thought that I just had escaped a madhouse, because with a little duster I cleaned the leaves and flowers of the plants. The men had finished taking off the old joints, so at least it was quiet again. I very much appreciated my yoga in the afternoon. I was feeling like a fully charged battery ! Mr. G. still tired despite the noise slept the whole afternoon. Sometimes it's an advantage when you have hearing problems.

4. In Belgium, when a car is 4 years old you have to put the car in for service, which was my case, it was the first time.  I asked Mr. G. to have the car checked first before going there. What he did. Only he took his car instead of mine and when he arrived he realized that he had taken the wrong car. He had to come back take mine and go back again.  I wished I had seen the faces of the repairmen .

5. The sunny and very warm weather (suddenly) continued but today it is very sticky and we have 29°C (84 F) the grass had grown and I had to mow the lawn ! It was like in a Sauna !

Sitting on the patio chatting with a friend and the lawn is mowed ! I have a dream ....

More and more I am dreaming of a robot mower ! Mr. G can't do it anymore due to arthritis in his hands. Fortunately we only have the size of a handkerchief to mow, so this year it's still OK for me, but it is certainly not my hobby, and rather hard on a hot day.

Maybe that is the solution !


Linens and Royals said...

I have two things to say here. #1 How do you find workmen to fix your tiles so quickly? Here it is difficult to get someone to just look at the work to be done.
#2 I want a robot vacum cleaner but I think it would frighten Charlotte and Emily too much.

Maribeth said...

We also had storms last night and lost our power. It is back this morning, thank goodness as it is very humid!

Susanne said...

Haha! That cartoon cracked me right up. A robot mower I've never seen, though we have robot vacuum cleaners here now.

That sounds like quite the storm passing through your area. I feel bad for those flooded out. It's such a mess.

Mom24 said...

My hubby has severe arthritis in his hands and struggles to mow as well.

I love the idea of the robot mower.

Willow said...

I'm sure the mower could be counted as a medical necessity :)
I'd have loved to see you dusting your plants!
Wow, that storm sounds more like a winter storm than a spring one. I'm glad you were spared the damage.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, the perpetual problem of mowing the grass! We had four boys to help with that and, alas, now they're all gone.

Glad to hear the storm didn't affect you too badly. Have a good week.

A Lady's Life said...

I hate grass cutting but I love gardening lol Crazy?
That was so lucky you didn't have the flooding problem from the storm.
Poor Mr G
Give him extra kisses from me.

nikkipolani said...

Your comment about the blessing of hearing problems made me smile!