27 May 2012


This was my horoscope of yesterday :

It's a lovely day. The air is fresh and clean. Confidence is high, and you feel as special as you truly are.
You radiate like warm sunshine.

Perhaps you have invented or created a thing of beauty that others want and your art is on display.
You may find yourself full of passion, enjoying the people that have come to either see your work or share in a common experience. You may also spend a great deal of time beautifying your surroundings at home with colors and art. . Because of financial gains recently, you could fall into a new way of thinking.

Indeed it was a lovely day, the air was full of cement dust and rather dirty coming  from the tiles of the entrance and the patio with a not so soft wind which blew clouds through the air.  My confidence was maybe high before I started cleaning, and I really felt special in my dirty jeans and T-shirt armed with bucket and sponge. I didn't radiate like warm sunshine, I was red like a tomatoe and sweating !

I have invented to dust the plants and flowers with a static duster, so that they became green and red again which indeed showed that my art was on display (the duster was yellow). I couldn't find any passion for cleaning in me, but I enjoyed the people who came by to pity me about my hard work. They didn't share a common experience, but they chatted with me about the last events in our street, which was a good excuse to do nothing and just rest.

This was the great deal of time I spent to beautify our surroundings not with colors and art but with with a duster, broom and bucket. I looked in the whole house to find our financial gains, but couldn't find nothing else but invoices.

Now I think over where the money is although this is not a new way of thinking.

See my horoscope was right !

My horoscope

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Maribeth said...

Today I will plant the garden with Jack. I will be in pain tonight after all the raking, bending and kneeling!

Cezar and Léia said...

LOL funny post!
Next time cleaning the house here I will certainly be smiling remembering this post!