28 May 2012


This meme helps you to remember what you did on the weekend of 26 May

The worker who was supposed to replace the old joints between the tiles of our terrace let us down and didn't show up since Thursday. Fortunately all old joints are gone which had caused a lot of dust. I spent Saturday with cleaning the windows and Mr. G. finished off to clean the entrance with the Karcher ! Otherwise we couldn't use the terrace and a lot of dust was brought into the house although we tried to clean the shoes before. Hopefully we quickly find another one who does the joints. It really gets on our nerves !

In the afternoon I spent a little hour with Dominique. The sun still shines and we have a wonderful warm  weather, but there is also dust in the air, everybody complains because the cars are all covered with dust and  I had to go through the carwash because my car wasn't grey blue anymore but only grey.

On Sunday I went to the big Midi Market in Brussels and probably while I was looking through a bunch of bathing suits, a pickpocket stole my camera out of my purse which has several pockets closed with a zip. It was hanging on my belly and I didn't feel anything ! I realized it when I wanted to take a picture of a band who was playing there. I was furious and angry and returned home. Now I am without my camera and feel like my third eye is missing !

To forget all my miseries I went with a friend to the movies, and we watched a French comedy, it was fun, made us laugh, but nothing special.

"La Pomme" The Apple

After the cinema we went to a Pub called "The Apple" to have a goat cheese salad which is very well served there. There were lots of guests sitting outside on the terraces in a very nice garden. The waiter came and we ordered, after a while he brought us our drinks and then we waited while chatting. After 45 min we still weren't served. I called the waiter and asked him if they were busy to milk the goat and make the cheese in the kitchen. Therefore to keep us in a good mood he brought some freshly baked rolls and a second round of drinks for free. We continued to chat and time went by and suddenly we weren't hungry anymore. After 1 1/2 h of waiting we emptied our glasses and left the restaurant. The goat cheese salad will be for the next guests ! We had enough, at least we had 2 free drinks each !

I forgot to mention that our electric shutter fell down and needs to be repaired too !

What a weekend !


Linens and Royals said...

No goat cheese, no workman and now no camera! That is awful, pickpockets are so clever. Your camera might already be for sale on ebay after all cat photos are deleted. I hope your week is a bit better.

Maribeth said...

Oh what a bad day! I'm sorry. I hate such people that steal things! It is so wrong! I worry about it all the time, and I did get that bra/wallet. Jack teases me, but since I got that I have not been stolen from!
My What I Did...is now up!

Jo said...

OMW, I'd better be careful on holiday if there are such thieves in Europe as well. So sorry you lost your camera. And as for workmen who don't pitch, just don't use him or his company again. I've also experienced long waits in a restaurant and then walked out. But you were lucky to get free rolls and drinks. Hope your week is better from now on. Keep well and safe, my friend. Hugs Jo

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

That was NOT a good weekend at all. But at least nobody can steal your sense of humor. Better luck this week and next weekend.

Loree said...

Oh gosh, your weekend was rather terrible. Sorry to hear about your camera :( I had a hectic weekend - cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning :(

A Lady's Life said...

Well all bad things come in threes so you bad luck has to be over.
Now you can have some great days ahead :)

sandra carlier said...

Mince ton appareil photo! Ces gens là sont très forts! On ne voit rien on ne sent rien!!! Comme pour la nappe tu te rappelles?!!! Je viens de mettre la mienne dans la machine à laver! C'est vraiment pratique! Je me suis levée à 4h30 pour amener Mélissa qui travaille dans les vignes! Tous les jours sa cagnotte fait ding ding!! Ca fait du bien de la voir travailler!