20 Mar 2011


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I didn't feel well the whole weekend. I thought about the German expression to suffer from "Spring tiredness" but I wasn't tired, in English it's "Spring lethargy" and this is exactly my case. It also was full moon and maybe that influenced my mood too.

I am distracted and forget everything. I spend my time on looking for my glasses or lately even for my mug, which I put somewhere when I moved around and forget of course where I had put it. The same happens with my mobile, my camera etc. It's just as if I celebrate Easter already and search for "eggs".

On Saturday I realized that I didn't have any cheese and bread anymore which I also had forgotten so I had to go out and buy some which was stupid because all working people did their big shopping on a Saturday morning and the shops were fully packed.

Nevertheless I continued to wash my glass and ceramic cats and cleaned the others and put them back in the now also cleaned vitrine. My house starts to look like an intensive care station.

In the afternoon the sun was shining and once again Dominique and I walked dog Theo through the fields and streets and met a lot of other dog owners which whom we had a chat. That is really nice when you walk a dog, you make a lot of contacts with other people.

Theo is a 12 year old Golden Redriever and such a cute and friendly dog. Unfortunately on Sunday morning he went home to his owner Dominique's brother. His one week holidays with her were over. Now we are again dogless. We also noticed the first spring flowers coming out.

Sunday morning the sun was shining and it looked as if you could walk in a T-shirt, but it was very cold and windy so that I quickly returned home.

The rest of the day I took care of my lethargy and watched "Escape to the country" a series on BBC which I always record. I love to watch it not because of the beautiful houses, but they also show a lot of the UK and it's beautiful landscapes and historical places.

The only exciting event was that one cat had brought a mouse in our living room, which hid under the TV set and both cats were sitting in front waiting that the mouse would come out. Before we went to bed I left the window door a little open and also the store, so that the mouse could go out and locked the doors of the living room. Unfortunately I had locked cat Arthur also inside, I hadn't seen him, so he had the whole night to catch the mouse and Mr. G. when he sat down with his coffee found the mouse corpse between his feet. He very much appreciated this delicate attention as a nice morning greeting.


  1. lol
    Mr G had dessert offered him by his cat lol
    I didn't do much except sort through things in boxes.
    and watch CNN
    The day was very nice and now its over.

  2. Oh no, poor mouse. But Arthur definitely knows how to turn a negative (being locked in a room) into a positive (catch your dinner!) Hope you're feeling better now, Gattina. (((hugs))) Jo

  3. "Escape To The Country" is one of my favourite shows too and I always want to buy one of the houses shown. Hope you are feeling better now.
    Arthur had to do something with his time locked up all night. Well done Arthur for catching the mouse.

  4. I spent the entire weekend on a Criminal Minds season 5 dvd's marathon......how about the Spring Letargy?????

  5. Mine was simply the save files in my email program. I spent nearly all day recovering them! In the end I did and installed a new program!


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