19 Sept 2010


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Although officially it's still summer, there is no doubt that the summer has left us until next year when hopefully we will have a little more than only three weeks of real summer temperatures in Belgium !

Meanwhile we had to put the heating on and in the mornings it's unusually cold 5°C (41 F) and in the evenings it's not a lot better. During the day it reaches max 15°C (59) this combined with rain makes a wonderful summer end and the weatherman probably got a nervous breakdown because he gets so many complaints.

So next week we will prepare our garden for the winter. The bushes and the hedge has to be cut, and I will call our gardener a very friendly young Morrocan. We can not do it ourselves, it's too hard work.

The only thing which still grows with pleasure is the grass ! I wonder why it doesn't stop with the cold ? Our lawnmower is not yet laid off !

So the only summer activity I did this week, was dreaming of my holidays to come and laying on the beach at the Red Sea in Egypt. Still 29 days to wait !


Anonymous said...

Are you practicing to be Rudolph the Red Earred Reindeer? LOL I can't believe how soon it's getting that cold over there. WOW!!! I wont mention the temps over here :) Thanks for sharing. I'm leaving the end of October to visit my family in Nevada. Short trip. But I'm looking forward to it as well :)

Jo said...

Oh I'm sorry your summer is almost over, Gattina. I bet you're looking forward to your trip to the Red Sea. We're hoping to do this trip to Port Sudan (and snorkelling/diving etc) when we return in November. The resort we wan to visit is still closed (I sat next to the owner in the plane flying up here in August. She was on her way to Holland until end October when she said we are very welcome.) Glad you have that lovely Morocan gardener. Have a wonderful Sunday. (((Hugs))) Jo PS see my desert scene today. It will get your juices going for your trip!

Maribeth said...

Oh I bet you can hardly wait! We leave in two weeks for a Reunion of Hubby's pilot friends. It's down south and will be warm/hot and give us a break from the cold. We have house sitters coming to be with the dogs.

Robin said...

Love the red towel/horns. With weather like that no wonder you're looking forward to trip down to the Red Sea. I'd better back my sweater for next week!

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Melli said...

ALREADY it is almost time for Egypt again??? Wow! I can't believe it. I wish I could meet you there! Some day! :)