24 Sept 2010


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1. Since autumn has begun officially, we have warm sunny weather with 24° (75 F). Global warming came back. Nevertheless I checked all windows if they were properly isolated for the winter.

2. Two girlfriends came over for a cup of tea and cake of course and we could sit outside in the warm sun and discuss how we could change the world, but after a while we gave up and chatted over people. Mr. G hid in his office.


Probably for the last time this year I could take a sun bath and read a book, with cat Arthur under and Rosie besides my deckchair not behind grids in a jail but behind the laundry drier.

4. After they had announced rain I quickly put salt and chlorid dissolved in water on the gravel in front of our house, because it's a cheap remedy against weeds and is also not dangerous for animals.

For the moment it doesn't look very nice


And the rain arrived the day I had my painting class and I finally finished the painting I had started before the summer holidays.

It hasn't been a very exciting week !


Anonymous said...

You're killing me here with global warming and cats in jail. ROFLMAO that is a beautiful painting. You did a great job. Arthur is a star now. And fit some reason Madame Chat
I doubt you have slow days and weeks ever. LOL

Jo said...

Glad you had a sunny day and visit from your friends. I loved Rosie "behind bars".I was just wondering where Arthur is when I saw him on your BEAUTIFUL painting. Well done! I've never seen a cat licking itself in a painting and you depicted his action/s perfectly. Have a good day. Button up those woollies and enjoy yourself! (((Hugs))) Jo

diane b said...

I,m glad you are still getting a warm day now and then. Chatting with friends is a great way to spend time.

Maribeth said...

We will have a warm day here too. I like Autumn and the cool crisp air. I also love sweaters and turtlenecks!

The Chair Speaks said...

Love your painting on Arthur!

Melli said...

LOL! You turn even the mundane into a FUN and lively post, my friend! I never thought of salt and chloride... GREAT idea! I like your new painting!

Susanne said...

Love your painting. That is sweet!

"Mr. G. hid in his office". Cracked me right up! Too funny.

claudie said...

Nice painting Gattina!!! Arthur is a such cute égérie!!!
We had a little rain today too but very little. It's a such good thing to have the possibility to sit in the garden under the sun! I set in the yard of the school in the middle of about 9O pupils!!!
I'm used now but a little tired after school!!!

Lisa notes... said...

Ha. I love your # 2, chatting about changing the world, but finally giving up. Hey, at least you tried! It’s a big job.

Sometimes those “non-exciting” weeks are the best kind. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Brenda said...

We had warm weather here in California for the start of fall as well. Nice to enjoy the little bit of warmth we have left.

msdewberry said...

Your painting reminds me of my white cat Speed!! Great job!!
Never tryed salt on weeds in the cement before, so I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the gardening tip! On the next sunny day - really!!

Kat said...

I like all your cat paintings Gattina. They're lovely. It must take special patience to paint cats I think.