12 Sept 2010


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When I was in Eastbourne (UK) on holidays with my friends, one Saturday I told them that I had to write something for "Summer Stock Sunday".

My friend looked at me and said, that makes no sense. I only could agree, I know the word summer at least out of the dictionary because in reality it's hard to remember a normal summer and I can only imagine pictures. On the other hand "stock" so far meant to me the things I keep in my basement like a stock of peeled tomato cans and according to the Google dictionary it also means : An instrument that signifies an ownership position (called equity) in a corporation.

These two words put together would mean that I should live with a stock of summer sunshine, inside my body to keep my equity (or equilibrium) and then of course it all makes sense.

Meanwhile I bought two new ombrella, for 5 € each, because I already lost 3 ! I take them with me because it rains and when it stops raining I forget them and usually I don't remember where. Bad weather on top is expensive.

With all this I learned something new which apparently only exists in the USA as in the UK it rains as much as in Belgium and the weather is more or less the same !

The Summer STOCK THEATRE ! It is a theatre that generally presents stage productions only in the summer time in the United States.

Summer stock theatres frequently take advantage of better weather by having their productions outdoors. Which explains that for this reason I didn't know this expression, because if plays would be performed outside here all actors would be wet and the public too !

As it will be summer until September 22, I will pretend that it is summer, and keep my summer clothes on, I only have to add a thick hooded anorak and my optimistic mood sing in the rain and cause accidents !

.....and ending end of September"


Anonymous said...

How clever you are with this Madame Chat...let's see what's the other Madame you are??? Crap I can't remember what you wrote on my blog LOL Oh well...thanks for the read. The first thing I think of for stock is for soup. :) Food...always food LOL

diane b said...

Sounds like you had a wet summer. We are heading into summer so you need to jump on a plane and come to Queensland.

Robin said...

That cartoon cracked me up. I'm sorry your weather's been so dismal this summer. Maybe you'll have a glorious fall to make up for it.

You're right about Summer Stock - it's a play on words. Summer stock theater, but also stock from "stock photography", which are photos taken for the purpose of selling them to advertisers, etc. later. There are many stock photography sites on the internet. The photos in our meme are mainly not taken to sell though, just for the sheer love of summer :).

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Nessa said...

It is pouring down rain here in New Jersey, USA. I was to go to a Renaissance Faire where they do outside plays but knew it was going to rain.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

When I was a teenage I remember summer stock theatre. The performed in a big tent.

I am not aware of summer stock companies any more. We now have many regional towns with summer theatres in buildings. The seem to have replaced the travelling summer theatres.