16 Sept 2010


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I think this will please all men !

13. reasons why a computer is better than women

1. Computer does not care how you look.

2. Computer can’t be angry if you not respond immediately.

3. Computer always wait for you

4. Computer can’t have PMS.

5. Computer never forgets your birthday.

6. Computer can’t compare you to previous user.

7. Computer did not accept calls from previous users.

8. Computer doesn’t say: “Do you come home now?”

9. Computer doesn’t ask: “Do you have another computer?”

10. Computer never start a conversation about marriage.

11. Computers don’t care if you’re married.

12. Computer can’t look your phone book or digging through your pockets.

13. Computer is simply Start and Shut down

and who has the last word ?


Anonymous said...


Jo said...

ROFL! Lovely Gattina;) your time for coming to Africa is drawing near. I wish you were coming to the Sudan. Maybe on your next trip to get your dose of Vitamin D! Have a good day.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love that one most. That is just too good.

Loree said...

ha ha ha I loved the cartoon. LOL

Pamela said...

that cartoon hit home. Husbands computer is in his office other end of house.

Sometimes I send him notes via the computer.

That way he can't say I didn't tell him

Nessa said...

My husband loves his computer for the fishing and weather reports. He's a simple man.

Penguin Five said...

Hahaha! Funny, especially since it was written by a woman! :)

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Hi hi hi, loooovely ending!!!!