13 Sept 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of September 11, 2010. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

The weekend started very nice. Our son arrived to put some of his stuff in our basement because they have to empty a room for the baby to come in November.

In the afternoon I and my friend visited a very interesting exposition of minerals, fossiles, precious stones and jewelry. I had never seen such a lot of beautiful stones together. It really was amazing. I will write about it in another post. Above you have an overlook on the exposition a fossile and a display of turquoises. There were professionals and private collectors of course and I as an amateur !

While I was admiring stones and fossiles, my son was invited to the birthday of his godchild little Camille who became 4 that day. Here he is baby training with the little 2 1/2 months old brother. I joined later and it was real fun. There were 4 couples and 2 friends of my son's friend and lots of children playing in the garden. I found they did a nice publicity for "The united Colors of Benetton" because there were whites and multicoloreds. It was a warm afternoon and we all could sit outside.

On Saturday we wanted to go to the "Festival of Environment" in our Waterloo parc, which is always very nice and where you can buy all kind of food and vegetables directly from the farmers.

it should have looked like this with plenty of people and farm animals, but once again the
weather had changed into a very rainy and grey day.

When I looked out of the window and saw the cats and dogs falling on the street, we choose to stay inside chatting and putting the things in the basement, until he left late in the afternoon. What a pity !


Linens and Royals said...

Shame the rain spoiled your Festival day, the weather here was perfect; warm and sunny. A grandchild! that is so exciting for you so much better to stay home and make storage space for your son's belongings.

Anonymous said...

What I did this weekend? I got stuck home on a weekend helping the laundrywoman dry the clothes and brushing the dogs fur until my arms ache and rested my sleepy self on my grumbling dogs with shiny coats! What bliss!

Lui said...

Hi Gattina!
That anonymous above is from me! Blogger refused to enter my name and URL!

Your weekend sound fine but I did not have any exciting weekend photos except the macro shots and flowers so I can't participate. I'll try to do next time! Hope the cats are all OK at home!

Maribeth said...

Mine is up. And I even got Mr. Linkey to work right! I think my Monday is starting off very well!

Jo said...

Lovely exposition, Gattina. Is that your son who is expecting a child with his wife in November? What a lovely celebration. Sorry about the rain. I will add my link shortly. (((Hugs))) Jo

Loree said...

You always have such wonderful things to do on your weekend. I was mostly stuck at home relaxing.

claudie said...

What interesting events in Belgium!!! Can't wait to know more about the Minerals festival ! And the farms' market is a marvelous concept! It's so interesting to taste their food!
I imagine the feeling of your son and yours waiting Baby!!!
J'ai pris le temps de poster un billet sur mon blog hier soir après le cour de théâtre! J'ai eu peu de temps pour bloguer cette semaine avec le boulot et la rentrée universitaire de Mélissa!

Kat said...

Does it rain also in the autumn? I will be travelling to Belgium in October and hope to see some nice weather. Here in Malaysia it is also always raining, especially in the evenings.
You have a beautiful grandchild and I'm so glad you all managed to have some fun in the garden.

Kat said...

Our weekend was also a celebration of the Eid which is a sort of festival very like your Christmas. We held an open house, which basically means all our friends came over to share our celebration. Don't have pictures but maybe next time.