10 Sep 2009


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13 funny Newspaper headlines (n°2)

1. Lawmen from Mexico Barbecue Guests

2. Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms

3. Man is Fatally Slain

4. Milk Drinkers are Turning to Powder

5.Miners Refuse to Work after Death

6. Never Withhold Herpes from Loved One

7. Nicaragua Sets Goal to Wipe out Literacy

8. NJ Judge to Rule on Nude Beach

9. Organ Festival Ends in Smashing Climax

10. Autos killing 110 a Day; Let's Resolve to do Better

11. Blind Woman Gets New Kidney from Dad she Hasn't Seen in Years

12. Child's Death Ruins Couple's Holiday

13. Child's Stool Great for Use in Garden


Thom said...

OMG I fell off my chair laughing with 11 Too funny LOL

colleen said...

I just hope I didn't write any of those or any like it. I write some for our local paper and I'm bad at Headlines.

So many misunderstandings!

Boo-Bah said...

Oh my gosh, some of these are so funny it is hard to believe they actually were published. Thank you for giveing me smiles and laughter today.


Melli said...

I drink milk! I was wondering what that dry flaky white stuff was on my arms! And how SAD for all the women mushrooms! Life is tough!

Brenda ND said...

Ha! These are great! I like the one about milk drinkers turning to powder. I can picture that. Happy TT!

Pamela said...

child's stool in garden.. hmmm.. that reminds me of potty training.