11 Sep 2009


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In the last "Show & Tell" somebody showed some things she had got from her grandma. That made me think what I have from my grandma ! Not very much. My Grandma was a very independant women, born in 1886 and far in advance for her time. She should have lived today. She lived alone in the appartment she had shared with my grandpa who died at 76, until she decided at the age of 84 to move into a retirement home.

She didn't ask her two daughters if they wanted something of her household, she put everything on the street to be taken away, as she had decided to start a completely new life with new furniture in her new room in the retirement home.

And these are the only things I have from my grandma

This coffee mill which stands now on our mantle piece, saved by a cousin

and this beautiful handpainted coffee service, which she had given to my mother

It dates from the early 1900

I also got this silver cake shovel. There were a few items which my aunt took to the States.

When she died my uncle asked me what I wanted back from my grandma and I took pictures and three little gravures, which I showed already.

My grandma at 25

If you want to read more about this special woman go here


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

I love the dishes, especially the cups! They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Boy those are antques. Very nice. Now i see where you get your good looks :)

Gracie said...

I have a very similar coffee mill, I guess it's from my father-in-law family but I can't remember correctly.
Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

Tinsie said...

What an interesting post! I loved reading about your grandma and checking out your antiques ;-)

Nicolanondoc said...

Buon fine settimana, Gattina :-)

Hootin' Anni said...

She looks so tall and standing proud!! Fabulous photo of your grandmother. If only pictures could talk and tell us stories of what life was like when they were taken...the time frame. Lovely photo, and super tea service. A good treasure.

My show n tell is posted if you'd like to stop by today...it's my dining room centerpiece I made for Autumn! [with mouseover captions]

Maribeth said...

This was terrific. I also went back and read about her. But you never said what her name was! Just Grandma! lol!
She sounds like my kind of woman!

Leann said...

What wonderful treasures.Your grandmother looks so stately what a great photo.

If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage, I love company.


marie said...

I love the old coffee mill and the photo of your grandmother. How very special these things must be to you.

Melli said...

So you DO have some treasures! I have absolutely NOTHING from my grand parents, and only a few small items from my mother. Of course... I never wanted anything really from either of them! Well, there was a demitasse set my mother had promised me - but my sister took it and who knows what happened to it - probably sold! I got over it - it is only things and of no real importance.

I do LOVE that photograph of your grandma though - and I DO see a resemblence to you in her. But mostly what you have of her is the memories -- and THAT is the best keepsake of all!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm especially fond of the coffee service. Although it's a shame that you don't have more things from her, at least you do have a few. Thanks for sharing them.

Kitty Valerie said...

I loved the mills!!!
What a lovely collection.
Have a nice weekend,

Susan B said...

You have some lovely things to treasure from your grandmother. I read your post about her. She sounds like an interesting woman...ahead of her time. She was very pretty. My grandmother was very special to me too. Thank you for sharing.

Dr.John said...

It is always good to have something to tie a memory to.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

wow.. what great treasures! all so antique and precious! thanks for sharing.. have a great weekend!

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, love all of those things. And your grandma. Very unique woman - just like you :-)

LDH said...

Stopping by for the first time to visit your Show and Tell ~ happy to see you have a few items from your grandma. They are lovely as is your place here. I have enjoyed my visit :).

Kindly, ldh