8 Sep 2009

MY WORLD - Buddha Feast in Huy (Belgium)

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Three years ago the buddhistic community of Belgium based on Tibetan Buddhism had moved into a little castle in Huy a beautiful little town at the entrance of the Ardennes.

Each year there is a big gathering of all Belgian or other Buddhists in this castle, surrounded by a beautiful parc. Everybody is welcome, nobody tries to convince you to become buddhist either. As I had never seen such an event and have only very poor knowledges about Buddha, I was happy when my friend Ilona asked me to come with her to this feast.

The entrance of the castle

The inside courtyard

A tibetan monk, who also was the head of this community

A view from the parc on the backside of the castle

Beautiful trees and flowers everywhere

Guest rooms for seminaries or workshops to very democratic prices

People were thirsty ! Wine, beer, tea, coffee, you could get what you wanted

A little temple, and in front people enjoying asiatic food.

The inside of the temple

The main buddha was in the middle of the parc

He was quite big and beautiful when you stood in front

but rather skinny when you looked behind. I shouldn't have been so curious !

I loved the fact that all people were so joyful and little children were running and playing under Buddha's eyes and had a lot of fun. I just imagined that in our dull churches !

An overlook

The big temple.

and another one inside. Everybody had to take off its shoes.

The main temple

a lot of hungry people ! They all lined up at the different food stands, Vietnamese, chinese, and of course tibetan food. It was very good, I choose vietnamese because there were so many people at the tibetan stand ! It also was very cheap.

I had been a little sceptical thinking that these are profit makers and would try to pull out of my wallet my last cents, but not at all ! Jewelry, cloths or little statues were even cheaper then in a shop.

It was a very cheerful atmosphere and everybody talked with everybody about everything except about buddha. I know that it is not a religion but more a philosophy and that you don't pray but meditate. That I knew already before going there, so I didn't learn much more and I didn't change my mind, I wouldn't start to meditate now, as I never pray either.

We had a great day ! Ilona wore her tibetan dress and I as usual my jeans.


Anonymous said...

What a great informational post and the pictures were great. You look so good. Ilona as well. I don't know why I didn't think Buddhists would be in Belgium. I guess it's just because I never thought of it. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I agree with Thom! What a great post! Marvelous shots! I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing this one!



Rajesh said...

Nice peaceful place. The golden color statue of Buddha is awesome.

LadyFi said...

I love all the vibrant colours in your photos.

Tinsie said...

Looks like a great day was had by all! Fantastic, vivid colours. It must have been a photographer's dream :-)

Melli said...

You two have sO much fun together! I would LOVE to go to this festival! I have never had Tibetan food - I would wait in the line!

Dr.John said...

Thank you for sharing. I can't think of a Lutheran Church in this area that doesn't have children running and laughing.
At VBS the kids even got to slime the Pastor.
Your view of the Church is so distorted.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

It's very colorful and beautiful. I imagine at times very meditative. I can't imagine life with out meditation as it's a way of accessing my most inner and deepest connection with all that is.

diane said...

They have a lovely place there. The colours are wonderful. Buddhism makes more sense than most religions.I would have like to try some food in your world.

claudie said...

Beautiful adventure!!! i just saw "7 ans au Tibet" with Brad Pitt!!! The Dalaï Lama looks very nice in that film but Brad Pitt doesn't play very well, I think! I adore the Tibetan atmosphere!!!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

How lovely and interesting!!

In a bit of irony, I had a dream about the Dalai Lama just last night....

Ayie said...

wow such a big event!

SandyCarlson said...

I really enjoyed this post. The Buddhists around here are like the ones you describe. They desire to free others from suffering. And that is beautiful. Thanks for this.

EastCoastLife said...

Wow! We don't have such sprawling grounds for our temples! How nice to have such beautiful views when meditating!

I'm glad the visitors enjoy themselves in a different culture. :)

Joy said...

Buddhists in Belgium! I can't hard to believe it! I am Joy in Thailand - we have Buddhism here same. I have a small Buddhist pendants shop for selling something jewelry on line if you want a Buddha or another pendant.

Thank you for sharing this to me - I have never guess about Buddhism here in your country! :) Joy