3 Aug 2008


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To celebrate my birthday we went in a Japonese restaurant and this was really phantastic ! We all had dressed up a little for the occasion, but when we came in, the waiter handed us Kimonos ! So dressing up hadn't been necessary.

The food was excellent not only for the mouth but also for the eyes. We all were seated at one table and the cook prepared the food in front of us.

It was a real show ! Just look at the little video ! It is really art what he is doing

and the result was this !

a starter !

Shrimps the japanese way

My starter don't ask me the name ...

a lobster

and my "smoking" sorbet !

It was absolutely delicious for all of us !


  1. Yum, I reckon I could smell it cooking when I watched the video. Aren't the dishes colourful and beautifully presented? They look to pretty to eat.

    Happy Birthday, Gattina. You look good in your kimono.

  2. Oh what fun! Look at that Lobster! I would have joined the party!

  3. Oh My! All that Japanese flair makes my mouth water!!

  4. You reminded me of the time when I went to a Japanese restaurant in Antwerp with a co-worker. We were the only two in there! :-)

    Have a great week!

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  5. Oh YES!!! 2 years ago we did the birthday/anniversary celebration at Sakura - our local Japanese restaurant! It IS quite pricey too -- NOTHING compared to Morton's - but pricey nonetheless! But WHAT a SHOW!!! Did your guy throw food in the air and expect you to catch it in your mouth??? Ours did! It was SO flamboyant! And just plain FUN!!! I'm sO glad you got to do that for your birthday!!!

  6. A boat!! What a cool way to serve food. It looks like it was a fun place.

  7. How cool is that? I love it! I haven't been anywhere like that since I was in my mid-twenties! Long overdue, I think.

    Could you return to Mr. Linky and add the permalink for your post instead of your main website? Thanks!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun! I do love, love, love Japanese food. Great shots.

  9. This restaurant looks marvelous! I would have join the party too! And what a nice job the cooker did on the video!
    J'étais déprimée aujourd'hui, jusqu'à ce que j'installe skype et que je téléphone à Anaïs sur son portable!
    Comme par enchantement j'ai retrouvé le moral et la forme!!!c'est drôle quand même!

  10. I love the pics of your birthday dinner~it looks like you all had a great time! I've never had Japenese cuisine but my best friend has & has told me about how they prepare the food, at your table, right in front of you. How awesome that would be to witness :) Hope you had a great b-day :)

  11. That boat is crazy cool! What fun. I love a party!

  12. I'm impressed. What a performance by the Cook and fabulouse results.

    PS. Happy belated Birthday from Tor in Michigan

  13. Gday Gattina, Looks a lot of fun getting your birthday meal cooked right in front of you. Yummy Shrimps and Lobsters, My favotite kind of food..

  14. Holly Molly! It really looks much more different then my experience. Two different continents I guess :o) But the food was gooood!

  15. It's amazing-looking food! Did I miss your birthday? Looks as though you had a good one though.

  16. It's amazing-looking food! Did I miss your birthday? Looks as though you had a good one though.

  17. That all looks so good. I started dieting today and I could practically smell it.


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