9 Aug 2008


It only took me 2 hours to get from Brussels to London with the Eurostar. This train runs now at 300 km/h (186 miles) goes under the sea and arrives in London ! It's just amazing. You don't feel at all this high speed, you only see flying by woods, houses and cows.

I stayed 3 h in London before I went to Eastbourne my final destination at the South East coast of England.

I visited the Queen :

She must feel like an exotic animal in a zoo. There were hundreds of tourists around !

Here is my "hotel" with my private driver Doug. My friend Anne is already in the car. It is just a very strange feeling to drive on the left side and that the driver sits on the right ! I automatically go to the wrong side of course !

I have my holiday cats

the wonderful sea

and a concert in the afternoon ! It really is a wonderful place !


claudie said...

You'right! Just watching at your pictures I would really want to be there! A chance you have internet! I wouldn't want to miss your new adventures for nothing!
Hier on a passé la journée sur une très belle plage et aujourd'hui on ressemble à des phares!

eastcoastlife said...

Looks like another wonderful and enjoyable holiday in UK.... and you even have holiday cats!! Wow! :)

SandyCarlson said...

What gorgeous weather you had!

Maribeth said...

Yes, it is so odd to drive on the other side of the road. Hubby lived in Hong Kong, so he still remembers how to, but it makes me nervous!

Melli said...

LOL! I'm glad you are enjoying your trip! England does not tempt me... not even a little. But... maybe you will find some pictures to make me change my mind! (NOT standing in line to see the Queen! LOL!)

Tink said...

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

My home town - glad you enjoyed it!

Junebug said...

I rode the Eurostar from London to Paris once. It did indeed go fast.

Vlado&Toni said...

wow, that fast? 2 hours!! it's faster than the plane i guess.

that black cat is beautiful ;) do they belong to someone? they are too beautiful to be stray cats.

Pamela said...

there you go again. without me!
Who takes care of your cats while you are gone?