4 Aug 2008


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Parents forget child at airport

A flight attendant escorted the girl on her eventual flight to Paris
Staff at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel have found a four-year-old girl alone in a duty-free shop after her parents accidentally took a plane without her.

The mother and father were sitting in different parts of the aircraft and did not realise their mistake until the captain informed them after take-off. The girl was put on the next flight to Paris. The parents will be questioned when they return to Israel. It looks like if they had a slight lack of communication ! I only forget my keys and glasses.

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Arab arrested because he has two wives too much

Saudi arabian police has arrested a 56 years old man, accused to have 6 wives instead of the legally allowed 4. The man rejected this accusation saying that he had divorced from two of them. A special commision has been created to investigate this case. I wonder from which of the above women he divorced ? I think it must be the right and left one, they are the most ugliest.

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Fat people to pay more

A BUDGET airline might charge fat passengers more for travelling on their planes in the wake of soaring fuel prices. AirAsia X is believed to be considering WEIGHING passengers to calculate the overall weight of the aircraft. If installed, the system would allow the airline to calculate the remaining weight allowance to be taken up with cargo. That's not fair ! Usually you get a rebate on quantity !

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A dead wicked way to go

WHAT a wicked way to go! This new range of colourful
coffins could finally put the fun into funerals.
The carton board caskets can be adorned with any “customer’s” favourite image — ranging from wine bottles to flags, flowers, and a replica golf ball container.
The boxes, from Guernsey-based Creative Coffins, cost from £295 to £1,200.

People may be dying to try them.

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Royals get an eco bee in their bonnet

A MAN dressed as a giant bee today warned the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall that the world could be facing an “ecological disaster”.
Beekeeper Barry Walker-Moore, 62, told Charles and Camilla of the threat disease is posing to bee populations and asked them to back a campaign for more research. Isn't he cute ? But it would have been much nicer if he had disguised himself as a flower !

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A BEMUSED Queen stares down a railway track – as the Royal Train runs ten minutes late.

But while the situation may be familiar to most of us, this was the first time Her Majesty had been forced to wait around on a platform.
And with nowhere to go for a quick cup of tea, it meant the Queen, Prince Philip and other VIPs had to wait patiently under a shelter on their way home from the 150th Great Yorkshire Show.
So it also happens to Her Majesty ! This will comfort myself and all train taking passengers next time the train is late !

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This is my 500 post on this blog ! Together with my old Writer's Cramps which I had to close for technical reasons (sounds good) I am approaching the 1000 !


kailani said...

I heard about the child being forgotten. Wouldn't the parents have boarded the flight together even though they sat separately? Strange.

Hootin' Anni said...

G'day sweet Gattina! I always get a kick out of what you have for us on your 'news' postings each week. Prince Charles looks befuddled and amused at the same time, doesn't he? Then...I read about the girl left behind while her parents caught a flight and she still in the airport alone!! Amazing how that happens.

Hope you're having a great day. And it's always a pleasure having you stop by for a visit and leaving your comment. Love reading them.

Melli said...

Ohhh CONGRATULATIONS on the 500th post!

Those FUN coffins almost make me wish I wasn't planning to be cremated! I wonder if they have FUN urns too? Oh wait ... I plan to be scattered! No urns for me either! Tooooooo bad!

If I were the authorities, I would be keeping a verrrrrrry close watch on THAT 4 year old! Whether the parents were SITTING together on the flight or not, certainly they WALKED to the plane together! They didn't notice SOMEone was missing???

Maribeth said...

Imagine that! The Queen must wait for the train like the rest of us! I say off with the engineers head! Lol!!!

quilly said...

How do you misplace a kid? Sounds suspicious.

onangelwings said...

Great post. As for the couple in the airport. That story is just crazy.

The Right Blue said...

Congratulations for your 500 Writer Cramps posts! Now you must really have the writer's cramps -- or arthritis in your finger joints (like me) from all that typing on the keyboard.

I love your compiled news and look forward to it. I come for Wordless Wednesday, and then always scroll down to see what gems you have found to tell us about.


WillThink4Wine said...

Congratulations on your posting milestone!

I love the Creative Coffins! I'd have to choose a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, of course!

Vlado&Toni said...

More power to you Gattina :) I'm sure you would exceed more than a thousand post.

Whew, that story with the little girl is just like the movie back in the 90's .. but this time it's real.