2 Aug 2008


Inside the house (see post below) we had our rooms, just besides the entrance door was this cabinet. It apparently belonged to a teacher "Madame Pierrot" ! It was were she kept her "bricolage" which means her "do it yourself" stuff. I wondered what it was, but the cabinet was locked of course. During the year this was a boarding school for future plumbers, electricians, brick layers etc.

Our rooms could be locked from outside but not from inside. So we had quite a lot of funny incidents at least at the beginning.

When students came back late night blitheful and also full of beer or wine or both, it happened that they entered in the wrong room. One night a man went to the toilet (we only had showers in our rooms) and when he wanted to go back in his bed again, he found a girl already sleeping in it ! As it was already early morning he let her sleep, went to his workshop and told us the story later at breakfast.

The girl who appeared later was really very sorry and upset but we had a good laughter. Another one, who was quite big stood in his pants and shaved when suddenly the door opened a woman came in, opened her mouth without a sound and closed the door in horror ! It also happened while showering, that suddenly someone stepped in and only realized later that he was in the wrong room.

I nearly had the same incident, but recognized in time that it wasn't my door ! Fortunately it never happened to me, I had put a chair at the door right away and nobody could get in.

This beautiful bank stood outside for smokers or just to rest and take a little sunshine.

But sometimes it was used for other purposes. The campers dried their laundry on it.

Although the nights filled with music from the music students, were quite loud and agitated, there was never a bad incident. I had bought earplugs and therefore didn't hear anything. I slept very well. The last day when we all left a lot of us had deep blue rings under their eyes ! Being an artist is very hard !


Merle said...

Dear Gattina ~~ I have enjoyed reading about your trip to Summer School and some of the anecdotes were amusing. I hope you enjoyed it a lot,
and it sounds as if you did. My hair is much tidier, and I guess yours is also. We feel better when our hair looks nice. Take care, Love, Merle.

Melli said...

Oh yes! It is VERY hard! Especially when you have to be on guard against prowlers in your room/bed/shower! LOL! Tooooo funny!

claudie said...

Ha! Ha! Always a good laugh reading your posts! Tu es une femme prévoyante! Tu as tout prévu pour échapper aux désagréments! Tu nous décris là une bonne ambiance! Melli is right! Too funny!

Charlotte said...

This all looks so interesting. Looks like you learned how to put the pretty tiles on your blog. Very nice.

TorAa said...

You sure had a great time at the Summer School with such a chance of entering the wrong room. Much to laugh at afterwards.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo