1 Aug 2008

SHOW & TELL - Summerschool in Libramont

More participants are here at Kelly's Show and tell Friday

This week I want to show you some pictures I made from my one week stay in an Art summer school in Libramont (Belgium). I had chosen photography courses this time, before I went there for painting.

In these little houses were our rooms. During the year it is part of the Technical school and students live in there.

We were 300 students of all kind of art workshops (see post below) and as there were not enough rooms, people built up their tent. Fortunately the weather was nice. My room was on the first floor the 3rd window from the left.

I have to admit it wasn't the Hilton, but everything necessary was in there. Even a private shower ! The only hic was we couldn't lock the door from inside, so sometimes one got a visitor in the middle of the night, because he or she mixed up the rooms. I finally put my chair at the door.

There were many buildings, this was the restaurant and on the way to my workshop class

The building, they are all dated from the 60th

Of course we also had a bar where in the evening the music students gave concerts.

The workshop class besides our class made all kind of stuff out of felt and had to dry their towels from time to time, that didn't bother a student to exercise with his trompet or what it was.

It was quite hot and some of our classmates took a little pause in the shade

This was the class where we worked on our pictures

discussing or developping films because 2 or 3 students didn't use a digital camera

This was our teacher, a very nice and friendly person, here discussing with one of my classmates. Unfortuntately I don't have more pictures of our class, I deleted them by error !

Behind the open door was our class and on the left side they did musical texts

Three of my classmates, the youngest once were only attending the course probably because of their parents ambitions, as you can see they weren't very stimulated. Instead of photo hunting they hunted boys and instead of photos they ended up with a nice sunburn !

A little pause and discussion on the grass between painters



Looks like fun Gattina! So did the
kitties welcome you back home by
now?! I hope so. Now your photos
have to be perfect....Your a pro?!
LOL -Have a great day! :)

MaR said...

It sounds great, Gattina! Such a great meeting point for creative people! did you meet bloggers as well? Haven't used a non-digital camera in ages but I have my old ones. Good thing since my newest camera has a hardware problem and it's on its way to be repaired, I will be using the old HP again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this great moments at your artschool!
Just looking at the trhree girls "bronzing" under the sun i think to my Anaïs in Finland hoping she is a nice an au pair who doesn't think to much to finnish boys!

Maribeth said...

How fun this looks! I'm glad you had such a good time while you studied and learned some new photography tricks!

Melli said...

I know you did have a ball ... but now I AM a little confused. Because I THOUGHT you went there to take a class in learning how to use PSP or PhotoShop? But this actually was a Photography course? Was it what YOU were expecting it to be? (maybe I just had a misunderstanding...)

Anonymous said...

What a great time you must have had and what nice surroundings - sorry you lost some of the pics - I kind of liked the one with the youngest tanning though :lol:

Anonymous said...

What a nice shots you've got here. Have a great week!


Vlado&Toni said...

this is a nice summer workshop, i wonder if we have this too in germany because I would be interested to attend one too. hmm will look for this next summer.

so are you happy with the seminar? were you able to learn some new things? nevertheless, judging from your stories i'm sure you have a lot of fun!