18 May 2008


The past week I spent mostly in a bus travelling through Greece to see the most important sites of Greek mythology and history. But I also stayed two days in Athenes.

These nice paintings I found on the wall of two houses, make them bigger the inscriptions are quite funny ! As it is in English I suppose it had been painted by some english speaking taggers.

For the first time I was quite unlucky with the choice of our guide. (see post beneath) She rattled her

explanations about the sites like a machine gun and obviously had learned everything by heart. The result was this :

A "just married" American couple from San Fransisco slept during the whole trip and only woke up to climb out of the bus. But before they read in a book what they were going to see ! I always woke them up when the stop was approaching and we had a lot of fun !

When she started to quote her texts in English and French, people stand or walked around, taking a sunbath, or cleaning their fingernails like our old 84 year travel companion behind the guide. We all had decided to complain about her to our respective travel Agencies.

The tip of the top then was when approaching Athenes and the end of our trip, she proposed us some "Greek" music. We all expected some nice and light music to get some funny ambiance, but she spoiled us with some melodramatic opera songs so that we all had the feeling to attend a funeral. Suddenly almost everybody had something in their ears, Ipods or other helpful means, I opted for some tissus which I put in my ears. Finally somebody asked her to stop the music and from this moment on she sank in a offended silence and didn't speak to us anymore.

Nobody got a "good bye" or a "have a nice trip back". She didn't even leave the bus and left us without any explanations in Athenes !


Mar said...

I am sorry you didn't have a proper guide for such an exciting trip. It's truly a pity and I hope everybody complains so as to keep her from guiding future groups! I understand some people are born boring but you have to have manners!

Loved the paintings you found and the sentences too, very funny.

Maribeth said...

hat a horrible guide! I shoukd think she has chosen the wrong business to be in.

I think you all should complain. I know these trips are not only expensive, but take your time!

I loved the pictures, Gatinna. As always you have such a bright and sunny outlook on life!

Rebecca said...

Well, that was no fun -- the guide part. But the photos are lovely. I love the painted houses, and the story of the newlywed couple cracked me up! :)

Melli said...

You totally misunderstood my comment on Dr. John. SIL says it's GREAT for me to take her to a CATHOLIC church -- just NOT to take her to a Lutheran Church. He plans to start taking her to Church as soon as they move and he finds one he likes. The kids at my Church LOVE church -- it is FUN for them. Not at all boring like it was when I was a child.

Lifecruiser said...

Let us guess that she might not keep this job for long...

Good, that you're complaining afterwards. I think you should have some money offered back - or at least a deduction of the price for your next trip!!!

Loved the painted walls!!!!

...and the sleeping couple: YEP! I so recognize it - that was we when we were in Ireland!!!! It was verrrry hard work to keep our eyes open.... *giggles*

tiff said...

Wow, looks like you had an amazing time! Pity about the guide.

maggie's mind said...

Sorry to hear about the bad guide. That kind of thing is really a shame considering that for many it's a once in a lifetime trip. Still, looks like you've been enjoying some good times and have gotten some gorgeous shots. I'd give my eye teeth to go to Greece some day. Looks awesome!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I feel badly for the guide. Perhaps, she was new, badly trained and had not figured out she needs to be a bit of an entertainer to keep the clients happy.

Those Anglos want to leave their mark everywhere. How far away must one get to avoid the American election primaries.

The sleeping couple should have just got a room and rented a travelog documentary of Greece for the quiet moments.

I am sure you had some wonderful moments and saw some lovely sites.

Deana said...

I hate you got such a yucky guide. I know she took some of the fun out of it. I would love to see Greece. My husband spent quite a bit of time there and in Rome...I envy him that. Maybe one day he will get to take me.

Gabriel said...

Great post, Gattina! Sure looks like you were having fun.

Have a great week, and thanks for dropping by!

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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Sorry your tour guide was not very good at her job. Good thing that couple had you around to wake them up otherwise they would have missed everything.

vlado&toni said...

oh no, that's really bad luck, i have this favorite quote about traveling--
better to travel alone than with a bad company now i can add - or a bad travel guide!!