20 May 2008


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As I just came back from my roundtrip through Greece,

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here are the latest compact news from Greece. For those who want to read it click here

Mozambique cops 'too fat to run'

All Mozambican policemen will have to undergo fitness training
Mozambique police officers are to undergo a compulsory physical training programme, because some of them are too fat to run after criminals. Ah ! that's the first time I read that people (even if they are policemen) in Africa are too fat !! Are they getting food from the criminals to look "away" ?

Cat and mouse blamed for blackout

Albanians may have found a new villain to blame for the frequent power cuts that have been blighting their lives.The country's main electricity company says a cat chasing a mouse caused a 72-hour blackout in parts of the capital, Tirana. It wasn't my Arthur !

Like a bull in a china shop, but worse

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German family were stunned when a rampaging bull burst through the back door of their house, charged around the living room, and then left by the front door.

"The animal basically did a tour of the hall, the kitchen and the living room before leaving the building," said Paul Kemen, a spokesman for police in the western city of Aachen on Monday. "It came in the back and went out the front."

None in the family were injured, but the bull laid waste to furnishings, causing an estimated 10,000 euros ($15,600) of damage, police said. The bull left after the owner of the house opened the front door for it. Lucky family ! the only strange visitors I have are neighbour cats and they never did any damage and I have never been in the Newspaper for that !


vlado&toni said...

hey, how come i did not hear that important news from aachen and the bull.. would have love to see that.

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy Tuesday Gattina.

I'm so far behind in my visiting blogs it's pathetic. I've seen your new avatar for your profile and wanted to say I love the 'New You"!!

Maribeth said...

And the young Royals wed too!

Liz said...

Imagine having a bull running amok in your living room! That would be pretty scary!