23 May 2008


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On Sunday I wanted to make two Pizzas with the Crisp and Grill program of my microwave. Suddenly the inside stand in flames and I just could open the door and extinguish the fire ! Now I was there with my Pizzas ! I have no oven so I put them in the fridge and ordered two at the Pizza service.

First thing on Monday morning was to buy a new one and I immediately found what I wanted

a microwave who does EVERYTHING ! It cooks, grills, crisps, bakes, heat up plates has air propulsion, can steam cook, etc. The only thing it doesn't do is cut the vegetables and put the plates to be cooked inside and then serve them on the table. Therefore in my opinion, it is NOT (yet) perfect ! But I am happy with it, I have to say that microwaves have improved a lot ! At least now everything is cooked and hot everywhere and not only in the middle or outside.

As I just came back from my roundtrip to Greece, I wanted to know a little more about the Greek gods of the Greek mythology and I remembered that I have got a book about it, when I was a child. It had belonged to my father and it's quite old, from 1920 !

as you can see it is still written in Gothic, which had been the official scripture in Germany until 1945, when it had been forbidden, because the occupants couldn't read it. I have never learned it in school, but my parents and grandparents and it happens that I find letters or pictures with this handwriting and cannot read it ! Printed like this book is readable for me.

Everything in Greece was very expensive and there was also nothing special to buy. This is the only souvenir I bought because I find it cute. The cats of Greece !


Mar said...

I have seen those smart ovens in France but all I can find in Spain are microwaves with an additional grill function, that's it!!

That's a lovely book and how interesting! can't read that Gothic print but it looks very pretty :)

I have to click to enlarge that picture to see the cats now, so I have to quit :)
Happy Friday!

quilly said...

Well, sorry bout the old oven, but the new one sure looks like a dream!

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent Show N Tell this week Gattina. Excellent!!

Hadias said...

Please, stop by and check out my S&T today.

Thanks for sharing.

claudie said...

When I was a child there was a book by my grandmother wich came from her family to learn german language. I red it during hours learning the B A BA. I'd like to have it still. But I have a tass of her still where is wrotten in gotic "Ob deine Tasse nicht zu gross ist, wird diese ganz gegnügend sein!"

claudie said...

Or "Ob deine tasse zu kleine ist!!!"

Penless Thoughts said...

The All The Cats of Greese T-shirt is adorable.

Constance said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip! I remember being fascinated as a kid about Greek Mythology! The story of Prometheus was my favorite!

Our microwave is still going strong after all of these years! It's a big behemoth that was a wedding gift from my in-laws! One day it'll go kaput forever but I think that's still a long waws away!

Constance said...

It's supposed to be...
"a long ways away".

Melli said...

Ahhhh! I get to MEET the Miracle Microwave! It's a doozy!

Mary said...


I have never seen a microwave like that. It is beautiful and does so many things. Congratulations. This will make things so much easier for you. I'm going to check these out and see if we have them here in Canada.

The book is a real treasure. Cherish it. I'm sure it is highly collectible.

Enjoyed my visit, as always. Thanks for sharing.


Pamela said...

I'm curious as to where the t-shirt was made ???

TopChamp said...

ha ha - trust you to find cat souvenirs!

Kelli said...

Your new oven looks great, I'm sure you will be making lots of yummy things in it! I also love your book. I think the Greek Myths are fun and interesting to read.