24 May 2008


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"Shoe" pictures are here

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Quilly's Alphabet is here

Today I will do like him i.e thinking, composing and then write my post about Greece and put the pictures on my travel blog. When it is ready I will inform you of course.

Now I have my doubts ! If he is not thinking but just calling his girlfriend ???

and I have my doubts here too !

But for that I am sure, I would not include my cats in my travel descriptions about Greece.


  1. But you have already included cats in your travel descriptions about Greece -- not YOUR cats, though I guess their yours now since you bought them -- the ones on your souvenir shirt!

  2. Loved your peace globe :-)

    ...and the cartoons.... an waiting to read about Greece too.

    Yes, it takes a lot of time to sort photos and think about what to write - I still haven't written all about our Spain trip!!!

    Things tend to come up between....

  3. Nice cartoons! L'appétit vient en mangeant et l'inspiration en écrivant! Alors bonne écriture!

  4. what's left of my brain... yes. exactly.

  5. ...... commenting with what's left of time ..... :lol:

  6. The statuary of the man show the classic way to hold your cell phone. The ancients thought of everything!

  7. i like the last cartoon with the cat.. that is so true, why do cats love the keyboard?


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