19 May 2008


Marieposa says : For some reason or another we all collect something and we collect it for reasons that will definitely make for good reading. So on Monday, I want to see your collection.

(sorry for those who saw my cat collection already in Show & Tell)

I really don't know how, when and why my cat collection started ! But certainly more than 35 years ago. I think somebody offered me a little ceramic cat ...... and look now !!

When you come into my house the first thing you will see is this glass vitrine where some of the small cat items are shown. They are coming from different countries all over the world. My friends use to buy them when they go travelling or when they find a special cat somewhere.

These little chinese once are very special, they are of porcelain and very old probably beginning 20th century. I got them from a neighbor whose nephew was working in China in 1919.

See the one on the toilet covered with the bandages ? My son bought it for me when I was sick !
The little cats out of glass came from Venice (Italy)

This little watch is one of my favourite cat items. The cats are carved in horn. The watch doesn't work anymore of course. I found it in London in Portobello market.

Cats are like Russian dolls, you can put them one in the other


The one beneath is very special. I found it on the Chrismas market in Waterloo. It is made out of pasta. If you look right you will recognize different pasta forms. For example the wings are made out of "farfalle" (butterfly form), the body of a macaroni, and the arms also in a small noodle form. The whole angel had then been painted in gold.

These cats I got from American friends. One says "Husband and Cat missing - Reward for Cat" and the other says "If you hate cats you must have been a rat in your former life".

A cute blue ceramic cat I received from friends in London

In my kitchen too I am watched by different cats.

This cat can shake its head when you move it and I use it to put some fashion collars in it.

I love these wooden cats because they have such an elegant shape.

These little cats look almost real but they are sitting in a treasure chest.
A friend of mine brought them from Poland.

A lemon transformed into a cat.

and this tall cat has the size of a four or five year old and watches over the living entry.

I think I better stop here otherwise in a year I am still busy with Fun Monday's collection !


jennifer said...

Gattina, I love the shelves FULL of cat figurines. Gosh, it looks like you could have hundreds!

Thanks for sharing!


Mariposa said...

Gattina, those collections are amazing! Wow...IT Guy is drooling...bec he loves cats too! LOL

Have a Fun Monday!

Celeste said...

This is quite the collection! It would be fun to try to count the number in your collection (somehow, I think one would get distracted along the way).

jientje said...

Gosh!!! That's a huge collection Gattina!

Heart of Rachel said...

I really admire your beautiful and vast collection of cats.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

We might be related.

See my post on Good Mom/Bad Mom:


Lifecruiser said...

Fantastic, what a collection - and it's only part of it...? Yet, I'm sure, there is plenty of new cats to collect :-)

I'm sure it take quite some time to dust all of them.... *giggles*

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, you have some gorgeous cats there. Have you ever seen Govinder Nazran's paintings? His cat ones are fab, I think you'd like the. :D

Sayre said...

I love your cats!!!! I collect cats too, but mine have fur and I had to stop at four...

ChrisB said...

Wow what an amazing collection of cats. Have you ever counted how many you own in your collection?

mjd said...

My favorites are the lemon-transformed cat and the Russian cats. I have a small glass cat that was my mothers. I know nothing else about the cat.

IamwhoIam said...

Oh lets see if I can guess. Could it be CATS! Thanks for sharing

Alison said...

your cats are wonderful, some are cute, some are gorgeous, some are elegant, and some are creative...I love them, thanks for sharing.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Wow! Now that's alot of cats... what a purrrrfect post!!

Pamela said...

NLL took the words right out of my mouth. Meoooooooooooow spat!

vlado&toni said...

i love the noodle cat.. that must have been a creative person who thought of it!!

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh Gattina, those are wonderful Cats!! You have a beautiful collection! We'll have to show you Mom's collection sometime!
Your FL furiends,

Rebecca said...

Those cats are great!