15 May 2008


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What else could I get ? A bus to chat and a bus called Chat which means CAT in french !

I am back home and happy to be ! I am glad that I made this trip but have to say that it is really not worthwhile to do such a trip. The distances from one site to the other are very long and most of the time you sit in the bus and there is nothing special to see, because the flatland was fields with sometimes some sheeps or two cows. The sites were not very well conserved not like in Turkey. One American student resumed what we all thought : a lot of rubble and stones about the Greek Mythology.

Two things we all have noticed I mean my travel companions and I : 99,9 % of all Greeks we met were very unfriendly and had the charm of a constipated tax inspector. The people who participated were 5 Americans, 10 Canadians, 2 Australians, 2 Frenchs and 4 Belgians. Our guide explained in both languages, french and english with such a nice accent that the english speaking people suddenly understood french and the frenchs english, because she switched from one language to the other without making a pause and in the same monotone voice. The result was that a lot of people slept or were reading about what they would visit next.

I really felt sorry for the Australian girl who came to visit the country of her ancestors and was so disappointed about the Greek people. Good morning, Hello, thank you wasn't part of the Greek vocabulary and apparently they don't know how to smile. Even in good restaurants the food was thrown on the table and we were never asked if it was good or not.

Anyway the food was lousy too, no way to find Greek food which usually is delicious, only the Greek salads were good. Now I don't want to generalize, I am only talking about the Greek continent and not the islands, there, maybe people are more friendly.

As soon as I have my pictures ready I will write more detailed about my roundtrip. So if you want stay tuned !

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A yummy Greek salad with Italian cheese ! (Mozarella !) They had no Feta.

PS. I have to add that the trip was well organized and I had a lot of fun with the people in our group. The problem were the Greeks we met, we all had never seen so bad mooded people in such a beautiful country ! It was as if they would drink a liter of vinegar every morning !


Anonymous said...

Wow. That doesn't sound good at all! What a disappointment. I wonder why. I suspect that it is like you said: different out on the islands. Sounds like they're tired of the tourists coming in bus loads. What a pity. It doesn't cost much with a smile....

We've only been to one bus tour as you know, the one in Ireland and we decided to avoid going on one again, just because you don't see as much on a bus as you do when getting around by yourself. Either by driving yourself or going by public transportations.

Well, every trip is an experience in some sort hah? *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Yes! what a disappointment! What's the matter with greeks! Moza with salad in Greece! I can't believe it! I stay tuned to read your adventures! Et be! je comprends ta déception! ça me rapelle un peu mon voyage à Venise! Le pire c'est à l'hotel quand on a pris la douche! C'était de l'eau boueuse qui est sortie du jet! Je te dis pas la peur! Ils venaient juste d'ouvrir l'hôtel pour la saison!
Et le soir dans les pâtes c'étaient les restes du poulet du midi!

Anonymous said...

The salad looks delicious, but in light of the disappointing tour, probably too expensive .....

Maribeth said...

Perhaps it was that it was a planned tour. When Hubby and I visited Greece, we did so on our own and would select places that other Greeks seemed to eat at. The food was so good!

But I am very spoiled, you see, my next door neighbor is Greek and she has adopted us and cooks for us regularly! YUM!

Vlado&Toni said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Gattina, I thought you would have had a fabulous time enjoying a wonderful trip, good food and great hospitality.
That was definitely not the case with the islands Crete and Santorini... people were so friendly and helpful to us both touristy regions and also forgotten spots!! what a shame...

maryt/theteach said...

Welcome bAck, Gattina! Glad you're back and blogging regularly again. :)

maryt/theteach said...

Welcome back, Gattina! Glad you're back and blogging regularly again! :D

Anonymous said...

greeks don't smile? oh no. i walso wanted to visit that part of the world

Pamela said...

strange..... as the Greek language supposedly has a word for every facial expression (sort of)