3 Mar 2008


Janet from the Planet (of Janet) wants us to make a movie of our life story, because Hollywood has called us. We should write the brief synopsis of this. Who would play us, etc ?

I thought of my youth and wrote the script. The added pictures are the locations I choose for the movie, based on real pictures from the past. Please excuse the bad quality, but it should simply give an idea.

Script Overview

Director: Steven Gamemountain
Writer : Stephanie Queen (aka Gattina)
Release Date: (spring 2009)
Plot Outline:
A small town is run by the Mafia. A young girl doesn't know and arrives there during her holidays.

While she sits in the rocks and looks over the beautiful rocky mountains around her, she is kidnapped

She is carried to this old town without electricity and water

and has to wait here until

the Mafia wives arrived and surrounded her.

She was put together with two other girls on this old horsecarriage watched by the wive's sons and brought deep in the mountains. Another gang attacked them and bullets were whistling around there heads. Some people were killed on both sides. (please foresee enough ketchup)

Finally they arrived far up in the mountains were it was safer and the girl had to watch over the cows. She also had to learn how to milk a cow and how to behave as a good woman. The Mafia wives watched over everything.

After a lot of adventures (too long to explain) she finally met the Godfather's son. It was love on the first sight.

They married and lived happily together.

Genre : Thriller

The finished story is on this CD which I will submit to the Holliwood movie producers. There is only one question open and I therefore ask your help :

Which actress should play my role and the role of the Godfather's son ? Please write your suggestions.

This scenario is based on a untrue story.


Puss-in-Boots said...

How about Johnny Depp and Kate Hudson, Gattina? What do you think of that casting?

Good story, send it to Hollywood and then we can say we know a famous playwright...

Peter said...

Well done Gattina, I'm thinking Hilary Swank and Antonio Banderas, (seeing that Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra are not available.)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, come on, Gattina. I'm sure you can toughen Johnny Depp up...a foxy lady like you. Get some tips from those Mafioso wives...they'll know what to do...lol!

MaR said...

I'd love to see that movie!! starring Javier Bardem and...maybe Kate Hudson, I am not familiar with the young actresses!

Hootin' Anni said...

Gattina!!! This is awesome. And the photos you've used, they're YOU, right? I have to laugh at Pss in boots question about casting Johnny Depp......I know for a fact you wouldn't have made such a thriller with him? rofl

Love it.

Anonymous said...

I like this one. I'm no good at thinking of people though.

Maribeth said...

Oh I just love this. Look at you! And Mr. Gattino! What a handsome pair you make!

Vlado&Toni said...

what about joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon - although they have been paired already in that johnny cash film. what the heck let's have them again :)
kidding aside - beautiful pictures gattina. what a lovely lady you were and you are :)

the rotten correspondent said...

Charlize Theron and Adrien Brody?

Sauntering Soul said...

Hmmmm, how about Sienna Miller and John Cusack. I know John Cusack doesn't scream 'mafia son' but I love me some John Cusack.

Love your story!

Attie said...

what a good Story!!!
I would pick Sam Elliot!! especially if your starring Yourself!!

Anonymous said...

This is a super scénario! I adore these photos! The actress is beautiful and her boyfriend too!!!
I don't recommand Johnny Deep since he's with Vanessa Paradis! I can't support her! And if le nain would want the role with Carla, don't accept!

Sandy said...

Sam Elliott definitely and of course, with him as the male lead, I will play the female lead for you...lol.

Mariposa said...

Great job! I remember The GodFather while viewing your movie! ;)

Anonymous said...

OH - Peter said it first - if you could resurrect the dead, I was going to say Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra too!!!

But, since we can't - I'd have to go with Julia Stiles and Matt Damon.

the planet of janet said...

ohhhh, i love this! well-told, gattina!

i'm thinking the princess and the chairman of the board, as well. though johnny depp? not a bad choice, especially if you play yourself!

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Great pics- they really add to the overall imagery!

Everyone has already provided great names for your cast- I totally agree with the Antonio Banderas suggestion!

Thanks for sharing!

Tiggerlane said...

Love it - especially the being kidnapped! As for the casting - I'm at a loss. Your photos were so beautiful...I was enjoying them and now my brain doesn't work right.

Sayre said...

That first picture looks like a young, blond....Michelle Lee? I keep wanting to say Lee Remick but that's not her.

Love the story!

Kaytabug said...

Loved this one! Love your photos!!
I think Naomi Watts should play the younger you and Helen Mirren the older you. As for the man I am torn between Collin Ferrell and Goran Visnjic. Google them...SEE what I am talking about!! As for the older version...I have to go with Sean Connery!

j said...

Oh NO! I stink at current Hollywood actors and actresses names. How about "that guy" and "that girl"...you know who I'm talking about, right? Jen