24 Nov 2023


Since I arrived, I haven't left my room. Now that everybody has checked me and asked me tons of questions, the nurses, the cleaners come every day and look first for Rosie. Ever since she escaped  everybody knows the story and everybody closes the door once inside.  But Rosie must have had the shock of her life and no longer approaches the door. 

She spends her days sleeping on the sofa besides me  or on her cat tower looking at the birds.
I finally put my cat collection neatly on the shelf and tidied things up a bit. Everything is terribly exhausting for me and I often have to sit down.

 Otherwise I watch TV or surf the net. I was missing a few things that I ordered and also the food and a collar for Rosie.  I try to relax, but that doesn't really work as long as the apartment isn't empty. Luckily my son comes and takes the rest to bring it here.But otherwise I really like it. Actually, it's like home, it looks exactly the same!

The advantage is that I don't have to fear a fall or feel a discomfort as it happened two days ago, so that I had to ring and the nurse came and checked everything. Apparently everything was normal only my tension was a little low, it's the burn out she said and that's why I don't want to eat with the others. Too many people make me uncomfortable. I think my instinct worked well that I choose this place, at least I feel secure.

Today it's raining and nobody does his morning walk. Even the man with a little dog wasn't there, I see him every day, when it's not raining. 


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  1. Glad that Rosie has recovered from her adventure and that you are settling in.

  2. It's good your new place is so home-like! Plus has someone right there is you need help. I'm sure there is still an adjustment period, with such a big change. I'm glad your son will be coming to help with the rest of the things in our apartment. It would be hard for me, too, to get used to eating with a crowd every day. But I imagine once things settle down, you might enjoy them.

  3. I am glad for you that you are settling in and feeling 'at home'. All the changes will take awhile to adjust to. Maybe even joining others for a meal.
    Even the rainy view is beautiful.

  4. It sounds like you chose the right place for you and your kitty looks right at home too.

  5. It's such a relief for you that you have help so readily available. You are bound to feel exhausted after your move, and being ill makes it worse. It will get better.

  6. I am happy for you that you feel secure and are well looked after. They *care* about the peeps under their charge.


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