22 Nov 2023


When I opened for the first time my fridge what did I see ? A frozen water bottle ! The person who had cleaned the mini fridge had put the temperature on a maximum. Fortunately I could save my grapes which I wanted to put in. 

This white little cube is my fridge, I had never seen such a small one and wondered what it was ! But finally I am happy that it is so small because for drinks and fruits it's big enough. Otherwise I don't need anything, I get breakfast, lunch and supper.

Little Rosie is the Darling of everybody, she too had a terrible adventure.. The first morning I opened the door to fetch my breakfast which was on the floor,( as I don't want to get up at 7) and like a flash she ran past me  into the next room, where the door is always open. I was wearing a short red nightgown with black dots and black socks (!) there was a skeleton like man laying on the bed sleeping. Rosie ran around the bed, me too from the other side. The man snored and didn't realize the race around his bed.  I wanted to grab her, but she is as slippery as a fish and of course she slipped away from me. I really need to buy a collar, I thought. I ran after her as best as I could ! She tried to go into all the rooms but luckily the doors were closed. Finally she ended up at the reception and towards the exit. Luckily I met a young trainee who managed to catch her and bring her back to my room. I thanked him and fell on my sofa to catch my breath. Rosie was shocked and hid under the bed ! The poor thing was traumatized. Each time she heard a noise she hid in the hut of her cat tree or under the bed !

Like a fire the story made the tour around the personnel and they came to see the escapee. Now everybody who comes in closes the door instead of leaving it wide open as they did before, and I hadn't said anything ! 

Now after nearly a week,Rosie seems to feel home, she watches the birds outside and plays with her (fake) mice during the night. 

Our view this morning

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  1. How funny about Rosie going next door. You had me laughing out loud. I'm glad Rosie is back home.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday and rest of the week. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  2. We are so glad everything turned out al right with Rosie (and you) !

  3. Oh you and Little Rosie are having quite an adventure! Funny to read about Rosie's escape attempt. I'm glad that a trainee was able to catch her.

  4. Thank goodness Rosie didn't manage to get outside. That was an energetic start to the day for you both.

  5. I had to come read about Rosie's escapade. I imagine this move was a big adjustment for her, too. I'm glad she's settling in nicely and her adventure seems to have cured her from running off.

  6. Good thing that man in the bed had no idea of the drama going on around his bed while he slept, LOL!!!


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