27 Feb 2023



Pookie the little one was the aunt of Kim the big one. Kim's mother was also a little cat ! They both were born in London and finished their lives happily after 20 years in Waterloo !

Rosie, soon 16 years old







Next weekend will be March ! The end of the winter months is near ! I hope it will not snow again, although it had already happened on April 2; 1975, the day we moved from Brussels to Waterloo ! Of course with such a date I won't forget the snow !!

Since I was at the doctor's on Friday, I did my shopping on Saturday. It was freezing cold because of the wind, but the sun was shining like it was paid for.
Then I bought my frozen dishes for 3 or 4 weeks,  in my special shop. So I am prepared for possible illnesses. I was walking much better and was then able to rest on the sofa. I did what the doctor had said "rest and recover"

On Sunday my "old friend" from 1967 came to visit me. She is the wife of an ancient colleague of mine an Indian, meanwhile Belgian. He had to travel a lot and with his Indian passport he had so many visa that his passport looked like an accordion ! We had so much to talk, especially because her husband had also a brain cancer and with my experiences  now, I was able to help her a bit. 

My son called from Switzerland where he is together with Toby and an old school friend whom I know since he was 6 years old. He likes Rick and me very much and came even to Rick's funeral from Switzerland in the morning and flew back in the evening. He lives in Geneva. Unfortunately they don't have snow but they skied a bit on fake snow ! They have a beautiful chalet which belongs to the brother of his wife. I hope for them that the snow will come !


  1. Three to four weeks of frozen meals sounds like you need a truck to get them home. Staying in a beautiful Swiss chalet sounds very nice, even without proper snow.

  2. Oh my what lovely sweet cats! When I was a teenager I lived in Gstaad Switzerland for a year! Boy what a great place to ski! Have a great day and a splendid week! Cheers!

  3. It sounds like you had a good weekend! Loved seeing all your precious kitties, and Rosie is taking her beauty rest!!

  4. I hope you feel more like your old self soon. These days it seems to take forever to recover from illness.

  5. Looks like here March will be coming in like lion.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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