14 Nov 2022


Rosie as baby !

and 15 years later


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This weekend was a busy one ! My grandson  will be 12 years old on November 17th. Since he had wished to celebrate his birthday in Waterloo with his best friend Benji and of course his nonna (me). They should come on Saturday. But I had a theater play together with a neighbor which had been booked since a long time. 

That was actually good, so my men stayed at my son's best friend's house, which made Toby happy, since his best friend is Daddy's best friend's son. 

The play was at 4 o'clock and was so modern and intellectual that nobody understood anything. Besides, it wasn't a lucky choice, two old ladies  were making fun of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's on stage, and as the public were the seniors of Waterloo sitting in the room, there were certainly a lot who, like us, had lost our husbands to this disease. 

After the theater I joined them in a little village close to Waterloo. 

 I know my son's friend since he was little, and they were both together in London, where C met his wife. Together they have a boy same age as Toby and a girl of 16. C. had cooked a bowl of pasta with a cheese sauce and ham, which was delicious. It looked as if he had cooked for a whole army but they ate it all ! The adult friends and the youngsters had an excellent appetite.

It was a funny evening which I enjoyed very much, we had a lot to chat and I talked about my stay in Eastbourne and now C's wife wants to organize a family gathering there ! She is British. At 9.30 I went home, I was really tired ! I was also happy to notice that I could see well in the dark with these special dark glasses which help to see when it's night. Otherwise I would see trees where there are none, and no trees when there are.

On Sunday it was again a wonderful weather and 15°C, and the sun shining in my living room that I had 25° without heating.

and here are the two friends sitting on the terrace mid November, unbelievable !

Toby had wanted a special headphone for his birthday which fortunately I got in time. We then had a birthday cake all together because C, wife and kids had come too. The boys could play basketball in the Waterloo park just opposite my building.

My son made these pictures of us. Now Toby with his just 12 years had caught up with me and we have the same size (1.71 me !!)

At 5 pm they all left C and family returning home and Toby and his Daddy went back to Amsterdam and I was happy that the weekend had been so nice ! 


  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend. There is no doubt your son looks like Rick and I think Toby looks like you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Toby! Both your son and your grandson are very, very handsome! May Toby enjoy the present you've got him!
    Rosie's cute, especially in the orange basket.

  3. What a fun weekend for you. Now you can sleep in and nap a bit to catch up on some rest.

  4. What a sweet post and wonderful visit. How fortunate to have a family that knows how to grow and maintain true and long lasting friendships. I agree that right now Toby looks a lot like you. :)

  5. Awww Rosie as a kitten was most adorable and she's beautiful as a cat. A wonderful companion.

    I'm sorry the play was making fun of horrible illnesses. My father died of Parkinson's too. Not funny one bit.

    I'm glad you had time with your son and grandson on his birthday. The food made my stomach growl.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  6. Its too bad that playwrights feel they should need to make fun of such serious and devastating illnesses. And sorry that you had to watch that, as well.

    Rosie was such a sweet little kitten, and now she is quite the lovely matronly lady-cat!

    Toby had a way more fun birthday party than I did this past weekend...we just had a shared meal together and a quiet marking of my getting more ancient, LOL!!

    Our balmy days have given up to make room for snowy days and cold winds, Brrr!

    Enjoy your week ahead!

  7. Rosie is so cute. Happy birthday to Toby. It is nice that he comes to spend time with you.

  8. Rosie was an adorable kitten, and she's a beautiful lady cat. I'm glad you were able to enjoy such a lovely visit with your family.


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