7 Dec 2021


I have been to Sharm el Sheikh three times. It is a beautiful town with an old city center and a paradise for divers. It was the "Miami" of Egypt and many English and Americans were the majority of tourists. But then it was attacked several times by terrorists and planes also shot down. Of course, no airline did fly anymore to Sharm el Sheik. An economical drama for the locals who mostly live from the tourism.

Today there are flights again and mostly divers go back to their paradise. 

The hotels are all very luxurious, even a 3*

This was our hotel

and the beach

The way to the beach always clean 

View from our room

Beautiful sunsets


I try to smoke a water pipe, didn't manage, the smoke always came out of my mouth instead of my nose !

Very elegant shopping streets

The old market where you find almost everything !

very good and healthy food 

guaranteed organic !!!

Rocks in the desert

The red sea

but unfortunately I could also see warships which are supposed to protect the Egyptian border. Israel is not very farbut unfortunately also warships that are supposed to protect Egypt. Israel and Palestine is not very far.



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  1. It seems there are some very tall Egyptian men. I wonder if everything is in proportion.

  2. Those stilt walkers!! Not for me, LOL!!!

    Great that you got to enjoy that interesting place.

  3. I can see your mind is wandering to warm places. I can understand that as I dislike cold weather either.
    Great pictures of the sunset, the fruit stall with the vendor waiting for customers, the view from your hotel room, your unsuccessful 'narghila' smoking trial.

  4. Love the view of the Red Sea. And it looks quite different from where I am right now...

  5. Love seeing a glimpse into that city with your photos. Sad what happened. Some are so cruel. Beautiful place.

  6. I wonder if you will be able or want to visit there again.

  7. It sure does look like a great holiday destination. So sad that it is not always a safe place to be and travel is a bit risky these days. Sorry I haven't been visiting lately. I hope you and Mr G are okay.


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