30 Nov 2021


The Lago di Garda or Lake of Garda is the biggest lake in Italy it is 158 km long and 52 km wide. It is a beautiful lake, the North with high mountains part of the Italian Alpes while the south is flat. My husband Rick was born in Rovereto and spent his childhood and youth there,  The lake is only 15 km far and we always stayed in Torbole when we visited the family.

I just take you along and show you pictures of this beautiful lake without a particular order.

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  1. Beautiful. It takes me back to my own travels to that part of the world.

  2. Superb pictures! Thanks for sharing, Gattina.
    I'm afraid, however, that people living in the beautiful places near the lake or near any other body of water, are in danger of becoming victims of the Climate Change. I've got a bad feeling that the recent disasters (British Colombia in Canada) and the variants of covid-19 are only the Promo to the real "Show". I hope I'm wrong as I'm kind of skeptical by nature.

  3. It is beautiful and rivals other beautiful European lakes.

  4. That's a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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