1 Mar 2021


Amazing when she stretches her paws !!


Isis is the cat of my friend, who adopted her from an animal shelter. Poor Isis was victim of little kids who loved her too much so that it became  dangerous for her. Fortunately the Dad realized the danger and brought her to the shelter ! She was quite traumatized and hid whenever she heard a noise, now she is a lovely social cat and is not afraid anymore !




Saturday was a nice day, my friend Chantal had her birthday and had invited our scrabble club. We had asked her what she would like and she said something for her garden but no plant ! 

Myriam went gift hunting and found this 

With this frog you can't keep your bad mood !

 There were two girls missing, and therefore had a lot to eat !!

The frog and buddha watched us while we were eating our cake ! It was delicious. With the cake  we had Champagne even without alcohol !

We couldn't eat it all, so Chantal gave me a big Tupperwear with cake for Mr. G. ! 

Sunday was a lazy Lockdown day, for once I slept until 9.30 am I don't remember when this happened the last time, I have to say  I was quite exhausted from the past week full of worries, but now it's better ! When you know the cause of a disease it's a relief.

There was wonderful weather and the sun was flooding in our living room ! I could even keep the large window doors open and take some sunshine. 

I did some shopping surfing on Internet because I am looking for some balcony furniture .

No changes in our lockdown rules, except we are allowed to go to bed at midnight now instead of 10 pm. The Government has decided not to decide. This was the title of all Newspapers. Our prime minister the son of a former prime minister has probably some language problems.



  1. You are right. How can you be unhappy when looking at the frog garden sculpture.

  2. So nice that the beautiful cat is now settled and happy. Belated birthday wishes to your friend, so nice that you were able to get together and enjoy those great looking cakes.

  3. That is a gorgeous looking cat.
    We are slowly opening the door again on occasion so Miss O can get out. She is not sure whether it's a good or a bad idea yet.

  4. We can't believe you still have such a tight lockdown. It should be relaxed a little by now! Mom is so very thankful she moved back from Europe so she isn't stuck in the mess there. Rules here are much more relaxed. Hope things get better for you soon.

  5. I've seen that loving a cat too much by the little ones. It's painful to watch. I'm glad dad was smart enough to free the kitty from the torture. Beautiful cat.

    I love the frogs. Adorable.

    Yummy on the treats too. I had a slice.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  6. What a lovely friend filled day!

  7. That frog for the garden is purrfect! We have frogs in our front flowerbed, but nothing that cool! And the food looks amazing! I bet Mr G loved what you bought home! Have a marvellously happy day!

  8. Happy Belated birthday to your friend!
    And that froggy trio is a fun statue:)


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