22 Jan 2021


As Monday is my "Do nothing" day, I just gathered the pictures for Our World, now I always have to dig in my folders, no new travel in view, whole Europe is red zone.

Our lockdown meeting was in our home and Mr. G. showed proudly his new Smartphone for Seniors. Now he has just learned how to call and how to answer and also discovered the contacts. What our friend had explained to him was too much and he had mixed up everything ! 

Nicole is also a champion in using a Smartphone, but she has a "normal one" since at least 4 years, but she always forgets how to use other things than the telephone and Whatsapp buttons. We had a lot of fun with the two of them and fortunately they were not offended at all. Mr. G. wants to go to quick and starts with the end ! Nicole is wearing the mask and has a hat on because she had started the chimeo treatment again. She still has 6 to do ! She looks real good. The afternoon went by very quickly as usual when you are in good company. 

I did my weekly food shopping and came back exhausted it's really no fun to disinfect your caddie your hands and follow the lines.. Normally Mr. G. does the shopping which makes him move a bit, but he always buys the same things so this time I changed and also bought other fruits than apples and different ham and cheese. Then I saw a ready made Sauerkraut just to heat up and thought that was the right plate to eat on a cold day. It was very good.

We had another lockdown meeting at Nicole's and talked about the people who start to feel depressed or unmotivated for everything and everybody has a lack of energy ! The pharmacies have never sold so many antidepressants. The suicide rate has also increased although they try not to talk too much about it. It's great time that we return to normal life with cinemas, theatres, zoos, fun parks and all folklore events. Instead the streets are empty and everybody is masked.

Lots of Europeans also watched the inauguration of the new President Biden in the USA,and I noticed for the first timed that Lady Gaga has a wonderful voice ! I always thought she was gaga (which means crazy in French) and that she was more famous for her extravagant outfits ! 


                                                 To me she looked like a blown up red Tulip.

The whole ceremony was very nice and the first one in history where all present people were wearing a mask ! This certainly will go into all history books. King Trump who didn't want to leave the White House and had nearly to be kicked out, disappeared with wife Melania ! Now I wonder if she stays with him or not ! She really has hated to be the first Lady !

In the night we had a storm with 90/100 km/h ! My room is just at the corner of the building so the wind whistled loud ! I thought how lucky I am I don't have to fear that the roof or our house flies away ! And now its starts again just before I go to bed. 

Hard times but try to take it easy !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

During our COVID lockdown there was a doctored photo of our state premier looked thirty years older and saying 'Maybe next weekend we will ease COVID restrictions'.

If animals could think, I think Matt is right about what they would be thinking.

I appreciated Lady Gaga's talent only a little before you. I completely missed how good Amy Winehouse was until after she died.

DUTA said...

The cartoon with the safari animals is funny, but not the last one with the queue to Heaven. The number of deaths of covid-19 is constantly on the rise.

Wendy said...

I was surprised by Lady Gaga too.

mamasmercantile said...

Fun cartoons which made me smile.

William Kendall said...

Lady Gaga has quite a voice. I don't go for her usual music, but she has recorded a jazz duets album with Tony Bennett that I liked.

Faith said...

melania is a trophy wife and too stupid and greedy to leave trump. we are THANKFUL he is gone. Good riddance me and my daughters and hubby said. we are THRILLED to have Kamala and Joe at the helm and although they aren't perfect (no one is right??) they at least have class, intelligence and compassion for all.

stay safe!!

diane b said...

Lockdown is a hard time but it worked for us, we don't have any community transmission at the moment. We have plane loads of virus coming in with returning Australians who have to quarantine for 14 days and be tested. There are still 37000 still stranded overseas.
Glad you can have meetings with a friend. Learning new technology can be hard as we get older. Then just as you've learnt something it changes in a few months.

Willow said...

I feel bad for all the businesses that have closed because of covid. It is certainly a hard time. We all hope this ends soon.
I'm happy to hear that Nicole is doing well and able to be out, even with a cap on.

Susanne said...

How nice that you are able to have a couple of people over. We are now allowed to be with up to 10 people outside as long as we distance. But they still don't want you having people in your home. I getting so over all of this. Wishing your friend all the best as she goes through her chemo.

Penelope Notes said...

These are such stressful times in many different ways but there was a lightness watching the US inauguration for President Biden from Canada. Lady Gaga was in excellent voice and her gown was certainly outstanding!!