25 Jan 2021


After the lockdown everybody back to normal chatting !

Publicity for jam

 Look an Euro !!




I had a birthday weekend ! Myriam celebrated her 71 or 17 birthday two times, due to lockdown rules ! It was very nice because I had to honor twice to be invited. Therefore the weekend was not that boring.

We had offered  her a new case for her smartphone, a beautiful one in  turquoise with pink flowers, not the boring black one ! and an invitation to a nice restaurant as soon as they are open again ! I hope she has not to wait for another year !!

 The birthday cake and table

It was a nice afternoon and we were all happy to be together and chat about other things than this Coronavirus ! He was not invited !

Sunday morning I read in a Newspaper on my computer and saw this picture

The world is really small ! I saw this man on the above picture and thought I have already seen this face and then suddenly I remembered ! It is the SIL of my blogfriend Diane  from Brisbane in Australia ! I knew his face from family pictures on her Blog ! How he ended up here in a  French Newspaper in my Smartphone remains a mistery to me ! He is an actor and that's probably why. I couldn't read the article  because the link stopped there.

Thanks to the lockdown I had learned to use YouTube and started to watch a movie, but it seemed boring to me so I stopped, got dressed and went to the second Birthday celebration of Myriam. We were again  4. We talked about our youth and the poor kids or teenagers now, who have to spend their days in front of a computer or TV because besides running in the woods or bycicle there is nothing else to do. The worst is that they can't meet with their friends as it would be normal. 

Outside it had snowed a bit 

View this morning from my room

 and the view from our living room


  1. Some really good photos and the weeping birch tree will love great when in leaf it is nice to see everything dormant in the snow. While Diane's SiL is known internationally, I think his brother Stephen is better known here and from a very young age for a movie everyone remembers, The Castle.

  2. Sorry you all are so locked down again. We feel bad for kids too because you are only young once and they are missing so many of life's experiences. We had a nice snowstorm Saturday to add to our snow and freshen it up but we are snow lovers here! Have a great week!

  3. Nice you had something to do at the weekend. We had snow here too yesterday but today is bright and sunny and the snow is mostly gone.

  4. Your relationship with your friends, Myriam, Nicole and the third one whose name I forgot, is heart-warming.
    In times like these, it's a real booster.
    Happy belated Birthday to Myriam! May she greatly enjoy the beautiful gift for her smartphone!

  5. amazing how the world can be small. birthday celebration and cake, yummy :-)

  6. Nice to get out and celebrate! Take care and enjoy your views!

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you got to go out this weekend, best to all for a wonderful week.

  8. What a wonderful weekend you had. Two birthday parties is a great way to enjoy the weekend.

    Love all the birds and I wonder what they are talking about.

    Awww on the kitties. Kitties are wonderful family members.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  9. Wowzers! 2 birthday parties in one day! The pictures of the cats, cakes and views are wonderful! And what fun to see a friends SIL on your Phone! We are glad that your lock down has relaxed a little. We were hoping ours would be, but Pfizer has delayed shipping of the vaccine to Canada and ours has extended. We are learning patience!
    Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  10. Wow that's amazing to find that in a French newspaper. They are all actors but I don't know what the article was about.
    Love your snow photos. So are you allowed to visit friends in lockdown? Only single people were allowed to have one or two friends visit when we were locked down. I hope it will be over for you soon.


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