17 Jan 2021


Lockdown syndroms !

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Friday it was the first time this year that it snowed ! On Saturday morning when I woke up the world was white and looked beautiful behind the building, as if I was in a touristic snow area ! But the front was different ! There it had started to melt and the cars had made the snow disappeared and it had started to rain !


In the afternoon a friend of Mr. G. came to explain how to use the new mobile ! What a prodedure !

Somebody who has made programs for big companies his whole working life, was now confronted with a mobile for seniors which is so easy to use that he is completely lost because he looks for complications. 

With a lot of patience he explained and explained, the trouble was Mr. G. wanted more to know how that thing works inside and not how to use it. So it took some time to put into his mind the design of the two buttons from the mobile phone and the Whatsapp phone. 

 Poor grandson who send him a Whatsapp message couldn't understand that his grandpa had difficulties with that, he is 10 years old ! So we spent the whole afternoon to try to put the use of a smartphone into Mr. G's brain !! Even Rosie tried to help !

On Sunday all the snow was gone only a few white spots were here and there. Mr. G got on my nerves the whole morning when I wanted to write and answer my emails he always had another question and each time I had to start again ! Finally I told him to try it by himself then he would remember better ! Fortunately he found something to do with his smartphone and left me in peace !

In the afternoon we had our lockdown meeting at Nicole's and again her cousin had baked this time delicious "├ęclairs" for us which means "lightening" I don't know why !

We chatted about the vaccination program in the different countries, and about the lockdown in general and then we digged out funny adventures of our youth and the afternoon went by very quickly ! At least we had the feeling to lead a normal life. Only the masks which we had to wear when we went on the street brought us back in the reality !

Miss Isis listened with great interest !


  1. Oh, my those eclairs! they look exactly like the ones I used to devour; used to, as I have to watch my weight now. I downloaded the picture, so I can at least look at them sometimes.

  2. I am not saying "snow" very loud, Year ago in Feb we had bunch of snow dumped. I got my first vaccine for covid and get next shot around the 5th of Feb.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Hope Mr G gets used to his new phone quickly. Those eclairs look so tasty yummy! Thankfully no snow here.

  4. Rosie is a huge Awww. I also took one of the ├ęclairs. I couldn't help myself. They were delicious and I'm glad you got out for a bit. So important.

    Had to laugh over the phone. I'm terrible with mine, but my 10 year old granddaughter can do anything with a smartphone.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  5. wow- great photos- and ooo lala those eclairs are so tempting! Have fun every day!


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